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Oct 21, 2009 03:32 PM

Lunch in Boyton Beach?

Can anyone recommend a must not miss place for lunch in Boyton?

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  1. what kinds of food are you looking for?

    1. Try Two George's on the Intracoastal. Great view and a good salad or fish sandwich.
      You might also try Hurricane Alley. They have indoor and outdoor dining and a fun atmosphere. The food is always good.

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      1. re: DiFlorida

        Two George's has a great view as does banana boat, but I wouldn’t say the food was great at either place. Both the Chicken Portobello and Chesapeake cobb salads are quite decent though at Two George’s.

        Honestly having lived in Boynton for a few years I cant pick one place as being “not to miss” I did have a few standby’s as far as food goes…

        Butterfly Chinese Restaurant has great thai and a HUGE variety of Chinese Japanese and thai, very reasonable. Sushi Yama Siam has good sushi ad a very reasonable AYCE. Brus Room Sport Grill has my favorite wings (get them grilled and hot) in the state and I loved the Buffalo chicken salad (also grilled) my most favorite blue cheese dressing.