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Oct 21, 2009 03:30 PM

Cheez Waffies at Yo Philly in Alameda

I know elusive East Coast food can be a popular topic on the board. If, like me, you're craving Wise-brand Cheez Waffies, Yo Philly, a new cheesesteak place toward the end of the busy part of Park Street in Alameda that opened last month, special-ordered some for me, but I didn't buy all of them. I'm not sure how many bags are left at this point, but I bet if more people bought them, he'd keep them in stock regularly. Ironically, I've taken several trips to Philly and haven't been able to find Cheez Waffies there--I had to tend more in the Jersey direction to reach Wise territory . . .

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  1. wow,stopped in yesterday and got a real deal cheesesteak.bread and meat shipped from philly

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      That looks like a good sandwich, but not in the true Philly style. In Philadelphia, the steak is very thin slices and the onions are cooked separately. I love both styles of cheesesteak and have only found the steak and onion cooked together and chopped on the griddle style in the Bay Area. My favorite is The Cheesteak Shop, but I'd love to find a truly authentic version for variety.

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        The few sandwiches I have had from there have not looked like Soupnazi's. . .the onions and meat were not cooked together. . in fact i had to wait while he grilled fresh onions. . maybe it depends on what you order? I always get the Angelo's Special. the owner is super nice so I am sure if you gave him specifics, he'd make you the sandwich of your dreams. . . his sandwiches are miles above The Cheesesteak Shop's.

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          Not original style. Style of the imitators.

          Meat hashed on the griddle with the sides of metal spatulas was popularized at Jim's Steaks on South St using Amoroso's Un-Italian pluch bread".

          By the 50's Pat's, the originator, used thin sliced beef never hashed. No idea what he used before. Was still sliced in the 90's when I emigrated, but shadows of their former splendor.

          No cheez whiz please! But the Italians loved that 'medigan (American) cheez food. Provolone was always available for snobs like me.

          The meat was partially frozen and sawed. On real Vilotti-Marinelli Italian bread instead of the soggy Amoroso's wonderbread used by the cheap imitators.

          By now many people sadly prefer the copies to the original like the Philly Cheesesteak on Divis The best Philly cheesesteak was at the White House in AC, NJ. We drove 60 miles for their sandwich until the sons of the original grillmen dropped the ball, producing dry overcooked sandwiches. What they grew up with is what they crave, original be damned.

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            FYI - Vilotti-Marinelli went out of business a few years back.

      2. is this strictly a takeout place or are there tables?

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          no tables. maybe those tiny counters against the window?

        2. Man, just read about this place's demise: http://alameda.patch.com/articles/too...

          I'm super bummed because I never had a chance to check it out. Any good East Bay alternatives, aside from the Cheesesteak Shop mini-chain?

          1. i love those things too...
            but i never have trouble finding them here in FL...