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Oct 21, 2009 03:23 PM

Where to eat around the Wang Theatre Fri night??

Greetings fellow Bostonians!!

I've been Goggling around trying to find a place to nosh this Friday evening before a show, which starts at 8:00...earlier dinner being around 6ish...I'm open to suggestions as far as food genera, Italian preferred, moderately priced (betwn $20-30 plus drinks of course) and not super fancy but somewhat city chic...I would like to stay within the Wang/ Tremont area mainly b/c of parking/ walk ability!

I appreciate any "foodies" recommendations!! Looking forward it
buon appetito!!

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  1. Sounds like you want Teatro (on Tremont, across from the Boylston T stop). I haven't been lately, but sharing the antipasti and the spinach and mascarpone ravioli has made a very good meal in the past.

    Avila might also work--it's more "Mediterranean" than Italian, but probably has the right vibe/price. I like the food better at Teatro.

    1. Via Matta is nearby as well.

      1. Another Italian option: Da Vinci on Columbus Ave is a short walk away. They had a great small plate deal at the bar not long ago and may still have. In any case, eating at the bar is pleasant and the food is very good.

        1. davio's could do pastas and the bar menu in that price range.

          1. If you decide not to do Italian, Montien for Thai on Stuart @ Tremont. The food is good, the service is fast and they do some nice drink specials.

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              these all sound like great suggestions! but i read Teatro is kinda loud at times...
              any others out there in the theatre District area??

              1. re: northshoregrl

                Teatro's rap for being loud is outdated; they have added carpeting and acoustic tiles to dampen the deafening noise that used to be a problem. When crowded, it's not a quiet place, but it's no more noisy than any other bustling restaurant.

                1. re: Blumie

                  Are there any restaurants i should maybe know about out of the theatre area but close enough by to walk back to the wang??