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Oct 21, 2009 03:21 PM

HELP!!! Attending a Convention in Mexico City in December...

Would appreciate any recommendations in or around Avenida Paseo de la Reforma, Colonia Juarez. Wouldn't mind traveling a little outside the hotel area.

We will also be taking a little detour to Guadalajara, to take the Tequila Express Tour. We'll be staying in Centro Historico, Guadalajara. De una vez, que no?

Anything from fine dining to taco stands would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance, I know I could count on you!!!!
Gracias se agradece muchisimo!


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  1. BCM, look around on the Mexico section. Just a few topics down from your request are a lot of current posts about Mexico City restaurants, with some great suggestions.

    If you search on the Mexico board for Guadalajara, you'll find some old posts of mine that are just as valid now as they were when I posted them.

    When in December will you be in Mexico City and Guadalajara? I'll be in Guadalajara from the 1st to the 3rd or 4th, maybe we could take a little food tour.

    And click on the link for a ton of information.


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    1. re: cristina

      Cristina, I'll be in Mexico City from December 7th - 13th.
      I'll be in Guadalajara from then to the 16th.

      Thanks for the offer though. Missed it by a few days.

    2. I've posted quite a lot of stuff re: Mexico City so I'm not going there but I would recommend Cocina 88 in Guadalajara - the food is good and the setting lovely. I didn't find Guadalajara to be much of a fantastic food city (unlike, say, Puebla or Oaxaca) but it is certainly great for music (go to the Mariachi Square and the Teatro Degollado)

      1. Here are a few Guadalajara threads:

        You might hear about Santo Coyote. It's absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, but the food stinks. Go to Santo Coyote for a drink and then go elsewhere for your comida. The wonderful La O is close by and would be a great choice.


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        1. re: cristina

          You guys are awesome!! Thanks Cristina and Bronwen...
          I'll make sure I read all the recommended threads before then.

          Thanks again!