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Oct 21, 2009 03:08 PM

Some love for the Grove Cafe & Market in ABQ

I've been to the Grove a handful of times now, for both breakfast and lunch, and have yet to have a bite or sip of anything that falls short of outstanding.

Coffee - without a doubt the best drip coffee and espresso drinks I've had in NM. I like Ohori's in Santa Fe quite a bit, but ultimately find their coffee a little coarse and overroasted. The Intelligentsia beans Grove uses are much lighter, but with a terrific level of nuance you just don't find that often, in ABQ or anywhere. And the folks manning their La Marzocco know how to pull an espresso.

Baked goods - love their scones, homemade English muffins (great to take home by the bag too), and cookies (slightly unexpected combinations, like chocolate chunk with candied ginger).

Sandwiches - once again, the best cafe-style sandwiches I've had in New Mexico, in this case by a hefty margin. Best I've had is the pressed salami, arugula, tapenade, and provolone. But I've also got to rave about their mozzarella, tomato, basil, and arugula, with housemade mozzarella (?!?!). And props to them for knowing what they can't do effectively; the bread is sourced from the excellent Sage Bakehouse in Santa Fe.

I'll quibble that the modern hipster vibe vaguely annoys me, particularly the "Follow Us on Twitter" for (admittedly oustanding) daily specials, and I have yet to go without the line descending into some stratum of anarchic chaos. That said, for this type of establishment, the chow is in a class all by itself for the state, so I'll be visiting early and often.

Grove Cafe & Market
600 Central Ave SE, Albuquerque, NM

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  1. I absolutely second this! I have been touting The Grove Cafe for several months now, after having first read about it on here.

    It is all that finlero says - they also have a lovely outdoor eating area [the views aren't great, but it is nice to eat outdoor]. I am not sure if it is winterized or not. Do head over that way and try it. It is a hop, skip and jump from I-25 with easy on and off interstate.

    Hmmm, maybe I don't want to increase the crowds - what the heck, come on over!

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      The patio is indeed winterized. Zip-down plastic flaps on the walls, and space heaters lining the perimeter.

    2. Months back I had asked where one could lunch upon arriving into ABQ but before driving to Taos. Grove was one of the recommendations and the one we chose. I can see it becoming the place we always go after flying into the area. Thank you for the recommendation. The food was not only delicious Grove was easy to find for this out of towner.

      I had the chopped salad which was very good. My husband had the tuna toasty sandwich that was also very good. The bread on the sandwich was excellent. I wished I'd know it was from Sage Bakehouse as I might have made it a point to go there when I was in SF. Everything I saw coming out to the tables looked great.

      We also order 2 cupcakes; carrot and red velvet. I like to bake so I wanted to see their take on these items. I thought they were good but doubt I would order them again.