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Oct 21, 2009 02:13 PM

Cider Donuts in the Bay Area

It's Fall and my heart turns to the things I loved in my own childhood this time of year, such as cider donuts and picking apples. Alas, I can't head back to New England to do these things, but any suggestions where I could find them locally?

I remember a restaurant located between Potrero Hill and the Mission--a big dot com place that had a donut plate on their dessert menu and it featured one perfect cider donut! Oh, how I wish that place were still open...

Any suggestions?

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  1. Now you've done it. I can still remember the taste of the fresh, hot, greasy cider donuts as I watched the old press crush out the fresh juice at the Franklin Cider Mill outside Detroit. The cold cider was perfect to cleanse the palate.

    1. Your best bet for apples would be to head up to Sebastopol. Lots of orchards, some cider but no donuts that I can tell.

      Outside of the Bay Area is Apple Hill on the way to Nevada. Great source of cider donuts but while the donuts are great and though the orchards are pretty, for some reason the cider and apples are disappointing for the most part. Search "Apple Hill" on the California board for more info.

      One of the Apple Hill farms, Rainbow Orchards, actually makes the best cider donuts I've had in California. They sell apples and cider at many Bay Area farmers markets. No donuts ... despite mt bugging them week after week, year after year, to bring some donuts to the market. Maybe if lots of Chowhounds ask them, they will cave in.

      It probably won't be the same. At the orchard you have to wait for them to be fried, so they are really, really fresh.

      Or perhaps people can start asking Pizzaiolo in Oakland to add apple cider donuts to their morning rotation. I know they were doing apple fritters and they have pumpkin spice ... why not apple cider donuts?

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        Where the heck is Camino?
        Answer: Between Placerville and Polluck Pines. Well Miss Dottie, it's closer than New England and Michigan.

        1. re: wolfe

          Apple Hill. The exits just after Placerville on Highway 50

          The Rainbow Orchard link you provided has a list of the many SF Bay Area farmers markets where they sell.

          Great photo of them frying up the donuts

          1. re: wolfe

            Camino is in Oaklnd on Grand Avenue a bit east of Lake Merritt. The weekend brunch has some really fantastic items on it. I don't remember cider donuts though.

            3917 Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA 94610

        2. Sebastopol is a good lead, I bet someone's making them up there...strikes me as a possible Farmer's Market thang...YUM!

          I will go ahead and start the quest for New England "Sugar on Snow" delicacies for spring 2010...often held at a sugar house, a syrup-producing small farmer's barn...take a bite of a cake doughnut, bite of a sour pickle, and then add a spoonful of new made maple syrup on scoop of fresh snow...TREATS!

          Who's with me?

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          1. re: Munching Mark

            I haven't seen any cider doughnuts at the Sebastopol farmers market.

            Patisserie Angelica's almond and marzipan croissant, however...

          2. You people are aces! To heck with the Alameda Flea market November first, I'm heading to Placerville this weekend! My craving knows no bounds!

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            1. re: Miss Dottie

              Seriously, go to Apple Hill first. Because of being made to order they are way in front of the pack. Here's my report from a few years ago when I tried every cider donut in Apple Hill. Surprisingly the apple pie is disappointing in that area. Everybody uses a shortening crust that is usually tasteless.

              Just a search of other posts. Hope you will do an update after your trip on the California board.

              1. re: rworange

                I have to second the Apple Hill rec. My wife and I just went there Sunday. Fabulous weather, lots of cider and real cider donuts. It's the peak of harvest season right now. Don;t miss it.