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Oct 21, 2009 01:56 PM

cheap eats within walking distance of the wilbur theatre

Going to a show tommorow at the wilbur theatre (246 tremont st.) Hoping to get something delicous, casual and inexpensive before the show. We're driving into the city and I would love to be able to park near the theatre, walk to our dining destination and then back to the theatre in time for the show at 8:00. We love all types of food...Thanks for any help you may provide!!

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  1. There is a stretch of Stuart Street in front of the Transportation Building, between Tremont and Charles Street South, that, if I remember correctly, becomes available for parking at 6pm. If you get there early, say at 5:45pm or so, you could park, sit in the car until 6pm, and then walk over to Chinatown where there are numerous places to get a delicious and inexpensive meal.

    1. I've always liked Montien, and you don't even have to walk very far. Decent Thai food and casual.

      1. 2nd Montien, and any of the places in Chinatown. Plus, Chinatown restaurants knows how to get you in and out quick! Places Xinh Xinh, Hong Kong Eatery are good choices.

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          Ditto Chinatown for a cheap and quick meal. Great Taste Restaurant is my go-to place these days before a show - for comfort Cantonese food.

        2. We had dinner at peach farm in chinatown per suggestion of some chef friends.

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