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Oct 21, 2009 01:27 PM

Back to Boston and can't wait!

Hi Everyone! Posted back here in June when going to my first trip to Boston (we're from toronto) and wanted to thank everyone for their recommendations. We had some amazing meals and cocktails:

Sensing at the Fairmont Battery Wharf - we were staying there
Mamma Maria - Yum! (but woah acid reflux afterwards - mmm thoughts of oxtail ravioli and yummy amarone)
Scampo (unbelievable!!!) - alibi for drinks after
Atlantic Fish
Pizzeria Regina
Legal Seafood
Modern Pastry - woah cannolis!
The Drink
All the wonderful bars scattered in the north end

All in all we enjoyed Boston sooo much we're coming back Dec 3-6
For this trip we're staying at the Fairmont copley plaza - we're eating at the Oak Room thurs. night, and back to scampo on friday night - so what's up in the air is saturday night.. we're heading to a leafs/bruins game and would like to have dinner before or after (which might be hard cuz Bsoton doesnt seem to be a late night food place)

Would love recommendations for dinner on saturday night before/after the game
Also. we love great bars - a good scene, great beer/wine/cocktails - would love suggestions around copley plaza
And any lunch places we might have missed the first time around

We're in our late 20's and while price isn't an object ambiance most certainly is :)

(and any great supper type clubs?)

You all were such a great help the first time around I can't wait to taste what my next trip to Boston is going to be like!

Cheers and thanks

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  1. Toro is in the South End, so that is near Copley- fun tapas.

    1. My favorite pre-Garden meal is always at Neptune Oyster. Very close to the Garden and bordering the North End.

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        Neptune Oyster might be perfect, was on my list last trip but didn't make it there. Any interesting places for beer in boston?

        1. re: joellita

          Good places for Beer:

          - Deep Ellum (Allston)
          - Public House (Brookline)
          - Jacob Wirth (Theatre District)

          For Cocktails around Copley try City Bar in the Lenox Hotel or hop on the Green Line Train 2 stops to Kenmore and go to Eastern Standard, which serves some of the best cocktails in the city.

          As far as Supper Clubs are concerned, there is not much that offer a combination of great food and dancing. The Beehive in the South End is probably your best bet though, okay food but a really great atmosphere, live music and good cocktails.

          Finally I second the recommendation for Neptune Oyster before the game.

          1. re: joellita

            For beer, Bukowski would be a 10-minute walk up Boylston St from Copley Sq. and is highly recommended for a well-considered selection of drafts, a wide variety of bottles and an interesting ambiance. I think you would like it.
            For cocktails, perhaps the most intense and creative mixology going on right now in Boston is at Drink, in the Fort Point area...worth a taxi there and back.

        2. Second the recco for Neptune Oyster, but would agree with the earlier poster - go early, before the game. It's a small place and they don't take reservations. Be prepared to stand in line - and then, if you like seafood, be prepared to have a really wonderful meal. I've never had anything but fabulous raw oysters and clams there, and a couple of years ago my sister-in-law from the midwest (the best home cook I know) liked one of their salmon entrees so much she insisted we had to go back the next day so she could re-taste the seasonings and try to re-create it at home. They have a very good wine/beer selection.

          Neptune Oyster
          63 Salem St Ste 1, Boston, MA 02113