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Oct 21, 2009 01:23 PM

Looking for a great restaurant in Northboro.

We will be there to attend a class from 12:30-6PM and will definitely be hungry afterwards. I am a south shore/Boston gal so would love to get some tips on a good restaurant in the Northboro and surrounding town areas.

We din't know what we want but no sushi or indian cuisine. We are attending the class with others so would like a restaurant that would appeal to most. Looking to not spend more than $15-$20/entree.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Romaine's(New American) is great. Their prices in the dining room go over $20, with some items under. The bar menu will be under $20. Lazio(Italian) is also quite good, creeping up to your max. There is something new where a Korean resto was but I know nothing about it.

    1. I'm with trufflehound, I I think Romaine's is probably the best choice. There will be something for everyone, and its very good.

      I'm not sure it would fit your price range, but Chloe Bistro in Hudson is also very good.

      If you wanted Thai, Yoong Tong on route 20 in Northboro is excellent.

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        Romaines is one of our favorite restaurants. I wish we lived a little closer to go more often than we do. You can check out their web site. I thing it's It looks like they're in your price range.

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          Yr link takes you to a restricted page, requiring a username & password. Which is weird, because when you just search the name, the site will come up and open!

      2. Thank you all for your help. I will keep all these restaurants in mind. We will be visiting Northboro quite often in the next few months.

        The class bailed on Saturday because of the rain. Wimps.

        1. The only thing I've found worth eating in Northboro is the Texas BBQ Company. The brisket is esp. good. Not sure how a gem like that gets so overlooked.

          Lazio's is god-awful. Maybe it's decent for the 'burbs, but the crap they dish out wouldn't get served at an Olive Garden, much less a real Italian restaurant. The bar area is tacky. Just bad.

          1. Just stumbled on a restaurant off 290 on our way back from Special Olympics basketball in Worcester. It's an Italian place that I've never heard of, but I had a wonderful seafood risotto and my husband had a marinated steak sandwich with gorgonzola and carmelized onions that he loved. There aren't many good places for lunch, so Giuseppi's Grille in Northboro is a welcomed find.