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Oct 21, 2009 12:59 PM

Wine and Cheese Party Planning

I'm planning a fairly large wine and cheese party, and am thinking of having various tables with a different country represented by each table (Chile, Spain, etc.). Each table will have about 2 wines (one red, one white), 2 cheeses, and 2 hors d'ouvres, although they could have more. Do people have suggestions for countries that should be represented, what wine/cheese/food should we should have, and also ideas for a couple of desserts? Food doesn't necessarily need to be easy to prepare, but it should be managable.
Also, if people have a different idea for how to organize the party (i.e. not by country), I'm open to suggestions for that as well.

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  1. I think it's a cool idea! But if you wanted a little more variety, you could make each table a region, like Northern Europe, Southern Europe/Mediterranean, South America, Africa, Oceania. Or you could go by predominant varietal so people could taste how the same grape grown in different parts of the world tastes differently. Sounds like a fun party.

    1. My first impression was to narrow it down a little. Forget the red and the white on each table, because the cheeses they pair well with will not be the same. Let's say you're doing a couple of big Spanish reds on one table. Pair that with an aged manchego and maybe garrotxa. Add a selection of thinly sliced cured meats (requires little to no work on your part) and maybe a dish of marinated olives. I'd go along those lines and maybe do Spain, France, America, and Australia.

      For dessert, I would do a small selection of dessert wines, port, or sherry with artisanal chocolate, but that could add quite a bit to what's already probably going to be a costly party, so you could also go with the cheese theme and do a couple of cheesecakes along with a selection of fruit - fresh fruit and maybe something prepared in wine, like pears or apples.

      1. Lots and lots of ideas and suggestions for wine and cheese parties on the Wine Board.