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Oct 21, 2009 12:19 PM

questions about organic produce delivery in winter

hi hounds,

i'm planning to hook up with either front door organics or mama earth organics in november.

i've read great comments about both FDO and MEO ... but can someone please tell me how the delivery/drop off works in the winter? basically, if the box gets dropped off on my driveway/at my doorstep during the day in the winter, i'm pretty sure there's a good chance of the produce getting VERY cold if not frozen. (i do not have a sheltered/enclosed porch ... my front door opens right up to my driveway).

while one of us is NORMALLY home by 6 pm, there are some odd days when we don't get home till much later.

can anyone please share their experience of either FDO or MEO in the WINTER?


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  1. Yes, that will be an issue. Maybe you want to ask a neighbor to take it inside for you on the days you'll be late. We use FDO and there is no logistical difference in the winter. As you would expect, the overall composition of items changes to reflect the season. You can also give them other instructions - leave on a back deck, etc., if you don't want it dropped at your front door.

    1. We just leave a cooler on the front porch and we've never had a problem with our produce freezing -- even when returning home later in the evening.

      1. hi all,

        thanks for the info.

        our neighbour is a super frail 80 year old so asking her to take it inside likely wouldn't work.

        however, we could easily leave a cooler outside ... i guess we'll see how it goes!