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Oct 21, 2009 12:01 PM

The Smith recs

So I'm going to The Smith next Friday night. What's good?

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  1. pork sandwich with the kimchi.

    1. tHE CRAWFISH HUSHPUPPIES!! those are real good

      the burger's decent. friends enjoyed the veal milanese and the pot of mussels.

      1. Chips with blue cheese- not fancy but very satifying!

        1. ummm...Ricotta Gnocchi with Truffle Cream. If you are going to The Smith, you are ordering the gnocchi. It's that simple. This dish is what keeps me coming back for more. Get it as an appetizer to split.

          also Steak Salad...entree sized salad is as good as it gets in the steak salad department. The steak is cooked perfectly medium rare and is complimented with arugula, endive, and tomatoes, and a thick balsamic dressing. good stuff.

          also, Short Ribs...I've eaten this dish probably about ten times and think about it daily. There should be an East Village short rib throw down between The Smith and Tree.

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          1. re: iFat

            Second the gnocchi- Would definitely split it with diners since it is sooooo rich!

          2. The Jalepeno cheddar grits are phenomenal I like them best with the short ribs or the burger.

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            1. re: Spends Rent on Food

              If you go back on a Weds, that's when they have my fave - fried chicken special w potato waffles. Had it last night. Really crispy skin. Yums. generally I like their sandwich and salad section more than the pastas.