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Oct 21, 2009 11:35 AM

Rome - Help needed! Life changing days need good restaurants (and wine)!

Hello All,

I’ve lurked with great interest for a while but have finally made the leap and have decided to post – specifically because I’m in need of some real help!

I am taking my girlfriend away to Rome from Dec 26th – Jan 1st coming. I’ve booked the Grand Hotel Parco Dei Principi, in the North of the city (Villa Borghese). A whole host of dilemmas with holidays, Sundays and because the 31st Dec is not only NYeve but also her Birthday AND I’m planning on proposing to her…

The forums already have a host of suggestions on top recommendations which I’ve taken on board but I’m looking for:

• Restaurants in approx. area of the hotel or North of the city (traditional/family is just as good as modern/casual etc.) reasonable prices - will any be open 26th Dec (boxing day?)

• A restaurant for NYeve/Birthday(I don’t plan on proposing here but want to set the evening up) don’t mind paying more for this and assume I’ll need to due to the holiday

• Somewhere for brunch on NYday 1st Jan

• Somewhere for a late lunch (2.30pm or 3pm Monday 28th Dec) after a tour at St. Peters Basilica

• Places we just shouldn’t miss whilst there for 6 nights!

I’m nervous just thinking about it all!!!! Thanks in advance for your time and help


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  1. There were a bunch of replies posted about 6 mos. ago in response to planning the very same event .. lots of good ideas for restaurants in the historic center, followed by a romantic walk to the place for "popping the question" ... I believe the ideas for those spots were not restaurants, but beautiful spots near to GREAT RESTAURANTS ... if I recall, suggestions included the restaurant at Hotel de Russie in the garden, which likely would be too cold this time of year, as well was a suggestion for Ditirambo ... with a walk thereafter to the Trevi fountain ... also suggested was Il Paggliacio, which I understand is wonderful, but I have not been (I believe it has a Michelin Star) and has rec'd rave reviews from persons I would trust ... in my humble opinion, I think your hotel seems out of the way, and will require significant taxi fares to get to many of the great restaurants in the center and near St. Peter's or in Trastevere, but again, it might be too cold to walk as far as one might be willing in more moderate temperatures ... search this board and you will find some great ideas for getting engaged at a memorable spot. What a GREAT city for such as occasion!! Congrats and keep us posted. Peggy

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      There was a posting I read ... it is called "ROMANTIC ROME" and it was originally posted by someone named Northern6, who sought advice on how, where, when to pop the question and rec'd some insightful advice from MBFant ... place to go with great view, the Pincio ... followed by a walk to a romantic restaurant ... like Il Convivio ...with stops along the way for gazing at fancy jewellers. Good luck!

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        Thanks for that PeggyD - i will be sure to check out those postings. I checked out the De Russie a week ago and they are only admiting people for their NYeve event (at 700 euros per person!). I'm prepared to spend but at that price she'll be getting a jelly baby ring rather than bling!
        The hotel is a way out but i'm happy to pay for the taxis to get to the restaurants for a romantic hotel.
        Any other info/advice always welcome - thanks again