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Oct 21, 2009 11:17 AM

New Mexico Roasted Green Chiles

A very, very kind friend of mine in Santa Fe just sent me some of her own home-prepared roasted green chiles. The last time she did this, had green chile cheeseburgers ad infinitum, or just ate them plain (I know, but sooo good). This time, I'd like to use them in some kind of preparation - any ideas?

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  1. Tacos, green chile & cheese omlets or scrambled eggs, chile rellanos, green chile enchiladas, stew or posole, fajitas or casadillas.

    1. I assume you have the lovely Hatch pepper (see my avatar for a fresh pic of Hatch).

      The pepper mixes well with cream cheese for a nice dip and a spread for a freshly made cheeseburger. Also a cream sauce made with the pepper was wonderful in a fresh tortilla along with roasted warm strips of peppers and cheese.

      Great in eggs. Make a salsa. Use in queso (please make from scratch making a bechemel!) Make a posole. Make green pork chile. Use in a bean soup, or green chile stew. Guacamole tastes better with hatch. Green chile flautas. Huevos Rancheros. Green chile flan. TAMALES. Vegetable tostada. If they are whole, perhaps a relleno. Empanadas... yum.

      Your friend can give you the recipe for New Mexican flat enchiladas. These are marvelous, especially when topped with even more green chiles and an egg.

      Can you tell I am hungry? How many pounds did you get blessed with? Enjoy.

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        Now I'm hungry too! I'm not so versed in prep of SW food, but of course your suggestions seem like a total "duh" now that I've read them. I think have about 5 pounds - psyched!!

      2. Green Chile/Posole/Pork or Chicken Stew.

        I pick up a few pounds of these at the Santa Fe Farmer's Market every time I am there and freeze immediately - They are awesome!