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Oct 21, 2009 10:56 AM

Something new in Burlington, VT?

Hello, First time posting!

After living here for a few years it feels like I have exhausted the lengthy list of restaurants, and while certain places will always be frequented (American Flatbread for example) many places offer the same tired menu without a change.I have eaten my way through the menus of all the restaurants on Church St and Downtown (which I feel isn't saying much as most of them seem to be a reinvention of the same old "american bistro or pub food").

I wonder if there are any new and interesting places that have sprung up recently around the Burlington area? Or perhaps a place I could have missed? I know one place called Bluebird Tavern has opened on Riverside but the really mixed reviews I have both read and heard from trusted friends has kept me away.

I am feeling in a food rut right now with the same old tired menus, I need something that is going to reinvigorate me. Maybe I am in need of a larger city to offer the variety I seek? I would think with the fact we have NECI nearby there should be no shortage of talent and new ideas around....Help!

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  1. Have you been to that Mexican place down by the waterfront? Used to be Roque's? I'm thinking of going tomorrow night before Paula Poundstone.

    1. I think The Belted Cow (5 corners, Essex Jct. in the Lincoln Inn building) is the best place to open in the past 5 years in this area.

      1. Recently went to Bluebird for the first time, and was blown away. It's a fantastic restaurant, you must try it. Food was inventive and excellent - dinner for 2 is a great value - and service was attentive even though the place was packed.

        Bluebird Tavern
        Burlington, VT, Burlington, VT

        1. Bluebird Tavern is amazing, you have to go. Creative food, local ingredients, great service - even on a night when the place was packed. The dinner for 2 is a great value.

          Bluebird Tavern
          Burlington, VT, Burlington, VT