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Oct 21, 2009 10:29 AM

Machaca/Carne Seca enchiladas, tacos, burritos, etc., in Houston?

I'm looking for a restaurant in Houston that serves this traditional shredded beef rather than ground hamburger or chopped fajita meat in their enchiladas, tacos, burritos, etc.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Jaymes,

    Ever since you first brought this up on the cheese enchilada thread, I have been looking around for it. This is really all I could find:


    A couple of our other Houston chowhounds are crazy about this place, especially Bornie. I have a feeling that you would probably be more able to find this at a taco truck instead of a sit down place, but not sure about that. Next time the Press does an entry about tacos it would be worth asking.

    1. Found a couple more hits for you. One is in this link - look at #3. They have a shredded beef breakfast taco.


      Another is a place named Taco's La Bala on Gulfton. There is a review on Yelp that talks about the machacado tacos. Actually, if you google that (machacado) you get a lot more hits.

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        Hey, thanks, Dani!

        We'll have to meet at one of those places someday.

      2. For those not familiar with it, here's a pretty typical recipe:


        1. I am 99% sure that Bob's Taco Station in Rosenberg will make breakfast tacos with machaca on request. I think we've had them at the office before. I don't know where you are, but Bob's breakfast tacos are worth the drive.

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            OK, I looked it up. Yes, machacado and egg tacos, and machacado breakfast plate with eggs, beans, potatoes, and their awesome fresh tortillas....

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              Hey, thanks. Felt pretty sure somebody had some form of it. After all, that's how Mexicans prepared their beef for a very long time before somebody invented the now ubiquitous ground beef.

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                I have never heard of Machacado made with ground beef. Ive only seen machacado reconstituted and scramebled with eggs. I've never heard of machacado enchiladas...Ive heard of shreaded beef, but not dried beef enchis.

                ........................form John Hooks blog of aug 2009
                My enchilada breakfast can best be described by the fact that I’m penciling in another visit to La Plaza. The refried beans, although not as firm as I prefer, were more than adequate and they got gold stars for their decidedly Tamaulipan version of Mexican rice. And while I thoroughly enjoyed enchiladas for breakfast, [u]my next early morning order at La Plaza will be machacado a la Mexicana and now I have full confidence that they’ll pull it off with style.[/u]


                1. re: SAguy

                  SAguy...you say you've "never heard of machacado enchiladas."

                  Just in case you didn't see this, am reposting:


                  I dunno. Maybe it's regional. But I've had them in a great many locales in the US southwest and in Mexico. Especially in Northern Mexico. In fact, all along the frontera.

                  Mexico is a huge country. So is the US, much of which was once Mexico. The US-Mexican border runs nearly 2000 miles. Speaking only for myself (of course), I would never be so provincial as to assume that just because "I've never heard of" something, that means it doesn't exist. Or that everybody on the planet does, says, cooks, refers to, calls, prepares, eats, likes, etc., absolutely everything exactly the same way I do.

                  Oh, and Dani - thanks for keeping me in mind.

          2. Just read a review in the Houston Press of a restaurant named La Plaza on Bingle. Robb Walsh said that his breakfast of machacado (dried beef & scrambled eggs) was the best he has had on this side of the border. Here is a link to the rest of the review:


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              Dani, I just talked with a friend of mine who eats there every week, and although I don't think he has had the machacado, his views of the place are different than Mr. Walsh's. I've been there three times and won't go back. He went on a fifteen minute rant questioning Robb's food knowledge. I've caught him in a few gaffes in November that make me wonder, does he really know what he is talking about, or is he just a writer. I'll post more tomorrow, as I am off, and the weather talking heads assure me I'll be snowed in by 20 foot drifts, or I hope the 29 degree weather doesn't do me in.

              1. re: James Cristinian

                James, What i got out of the review was that he liked the egg dishes more than anything else. He pretty much passed the food off as adequate, but nothing outstanding. It wasn't a glowing review except for a couple dishes. I think he knows food, but don't always agree with him. Of course I feel the same about Alison Cook. Don't freeze to death!

              2. re: danhole

                There is a difference in dried beef and shredded beef,

                machaca is traditional dried beef
                machacado is shredded beef . But is also used to describe dried beef.

                in south texas Machacado refers mostly of dried beef.

                if you say machacado in south texas, dont be suprised if you get dried beef ala mexican or mixed with egg.