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Jan 27, 2005 12:57 AM

Shabu Shabu House

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After waiting in line for over an hour and almost starving to death, I can say that it was absolutely worth it because the meat there was so flavorful and tender. And at $13.50 for a large portion, what a steal! (I think Mizu 212 is around $20 and the meat doesn't taste as good.)

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  1. I used to live a couple blocks from there.. I've found that the best times to go are either 15 minutes before it opens, or about 20 minutes after. That way, you're looking at either being in the first crowd into the restaurant, or the second..

    And not only is the meat flavorful- the goma (light brown) sauce is better than I've had at most places.


    p.s. I once went down to write a buddy's name on the list for him an hour before he wanted to eat there with his girlfriend.. maybe making friends with someone who lives in Little Tokyo would help. :)

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    1. re: Julian Hsu

      Thanks for the tips! I agree that the sauces were quite good. I usually don't eat the light brown one when I go to other places but I almost finished it last night.

    2. Where is this place?

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      1. re: dodgerx88
        rabo encendido

        Little Tokyo, in the Japanese Village Plaza. South-facing, closer to the 2nd Street end. Not hard to find, excellent shabu-shabu, mammoth waits, as noted.

        Shabu Shabu House Restaurant
        (213) 680-3890
        127 Japanese Vlg Plz Mll
        Los Angeles, CA 90012

      2. shabu shabu house is my and the gf's favorite shabu shabu place. the place has little atmosphere, but the food is a bargain! if only the wait wasn't so bad... which reminds me, a few weeks ago i noticed that they took down the large seating policy sign. "patrons must place name on the waiting reserves the right to seat patrons as we see fit... reserves the right to skip the patrons who do not stay nearby...those who are skipped must get on the waiting list again..." unintentionally hilarious!

        this one time about 2 months ago, we were seated next to this young chinese woman, who upon getting her plate of sliced meat asked the gray-haired japanese guy to take it back and slice it thinner. you should have seen the initial look on his face. it was hard holding back the laughter.

        anyway, great place as long as you don't mind waiting an hour during peak times. ahh, eating japanese food while listing to background country music... somehow weirdly fitting.

        1. This may sound totally ignorant, but do they have fish at Shabu places? We wanted to go with our friends who only eat fish. Thanks!

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          1. re: Suebee

            I don't know if fish flesh would be that good simply quick-boiled in a broth. I've never heard of shabu shabu or hotpots with fish (claypot dishes, yes).

            1. re: Jerome

              Although maybe not the most authentic thing in the world, there is a seafood option at Mizu 212, on Sawtelle. It wasn't bad - and did include some fish, as well as shrimp and some shellfish. Again, not really authentic, but a good enough place if you wanna do shabu shabu with fishatarians.

              Below is a link to a page with a picture of the seafood plate.

              Mizu 212
              2000 Sawtelle Blvd


              1. re: igj

                FWIW Both Wa and Urasawa have done a fish shabu shabu dish lately.

            2. re: Suebee
              rabo encendido

              Shabu Shabu House is beef or veggies only, IIRC.

              KAGAYA, which is closeby, does seafood variations on shabu shabu---crab, lobster, etc. Kagaya is very good, but very pricey.

              Other Japanese restaurants may do a fish "nabe", which is similar to shabu-shabu (quickly cooking in boiling water, dip in ponzu), but I always just do this at home.

              (213) 617-1016
              418 East 2nd St
              Los Angeles, CA 90012

            3. i've been addicted to "the boiling pot" in pasadena, right off of lake. we go there about once a week & i think it's yummy. don't have much to compare it to, as i've only ever been to one other shabu shabu place (mizu 212), but i think boiling pot is better.