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Oct 21, 2009 10:06 AM

Where do you buy matcha in Hampton Roads?

Hey, I live in Virginia Beach and so far, it seems that a couple of the Asian markets here don't carry matcha powder. ( ) I've visited that new international market near Wal-Mart in the Salem area, Four Seasons off of Virginia Beach Blvd. near town center, and Fortune off of Holland Rd. They all carry regular green tea, just not matcha green tea.

Starbucks carries a latte and Cafe Fresh has a matcha shake, but I wanted to obtain the powder so I could make my own drinks and test out some recipes for matcha cookies/muffins. If you folks know where I can buy it locally, please let me know, before I have to resort to (SIGH), online ordering.

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  1. Thanks for asking this...I'd like to know also. I was actually about to check these same stores too today.

    1. An excellent online source of all tea and all things tea is It's the website for Harney & Sons Fine Teas and they carry EVERYTHING. The shipping is fast, the tea is fantastic, and the prices reasonable for rare teas and tisanes. You can also call 1-888-HARNEYT and order it over the phone. It's a really good site and you really should check it out. John Harney, the patriarch of the company, wrote a really good cookbook using teas. Check it out.

      1. Have you tried Grand Market on Newtown Road in Virginia Beach? They carry (what seems like) anything under the sun - plus they are happy to order anything for you.

        1. I don't know if this store is still in existance, but there used to be a large Oriental grocery store at the intersection of Great Neck Road and Va, Beach Blvd. near the Pollard's chicken.

          1. Wow. I completely forgot about making this post. It's funny how a google search can lead you back. OK, it took me over a year to locate non-Starbucks matcha and here's the findings for VA Beach:

            Hana Oriental Market (near the corner of Aragona/Witchduck Rd.) carries two small cans of matcha powder. I believe they are both 9.99. I bought the fancier looking can.

            J Mart (on Aragona, along that strip of shops with the Greek cafe) carries matcha as well. However, I picked up the "au lait" version for lattes. This place was perfect because they carried the bowl/whisk/stirrer. The box is in Japanese, except for "matcha au lait."

            I haven't opened either of them yet so I can't report how they both taste. However, if anyone else is still looking, definitely check those two places out. As for the rest of the Hampton Roads region, I have no clue. Also, I did check out Grand Market on Newtown Rd. and it's probably my favorite international market in the VA Beach/Norfolk area. They didn't have matcha, but their tea aisle had some gems.