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Oct 21, 2009 10:03 AM

Le cercle, Quebec?

Heading to Quebec for 2 nights in early November. Was looking for information on some restaurants - not high end- that we have yet to try and saw reference to Le Cercle. Apparently a tapis style- which I love- and connected to the same kitchen as L'utopie which gets rave reviews. Is this true? Anyone have experiences to share? I have looked at the website but between my poor french and the layout of the site, don't quite understand the concept. Does the same space double as a music venue? If there is a show at 9Pm with a 10$ cover, are diners kicked out before hand or do they have to pay cover? What's the deal? Help!

And any other suggestions are welcome. Our first night we will probably blow the budget at Toast so looking at more modest prices- but still quality food for night 2. Will be staying in the lower town area.


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  1. From what I understand from googling about it, is that they have a concert hall attached to the restaurant and art gallery.

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      Le Cercle is more a live music place, hard rock, heavy metal, not really a quiet place! Tapas place, finger food. The restaurant l'Utopie is in the same building and connecting but really not the same place. Can also try a new lounge XO on rue St-Paul, nice atmosphere, good live music and high end finger food.

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        From looking at the October schedule, it looks a lot more like indie rock, pop and electro. YMMV, but I find that much less grating than hard rock and heavy metal. I'm certain it's loud nonetheless.

    2. what about Le Hobbit? Anyone been?

      1. The original comment has been removed