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Oct 21, 2009 09:49 AM

Eats near L'Enfant Plaza Hotel

Attending a conference at L'Enfant Plaza Hotel and will need to get lunch between sessions. I don't want to spend a lot since I won't be reimbursed.

Any sandwich joints, etc. nearby? I don't want to walk too far in heels. :)


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  1. There is nothing really good in the immediate vicinity. Your best bet, in heels, is to make to downstairs to the Mall and pick a takeout place that serves something to your liking.

    1. I'm afraid you're you-know-what out of luck. There is almost zero to eat at L'Enfant Plaza; meaning there is exactly one MacDonald's (assuming you're not contemplating that since you're asking this Chow crowd) and 2.5 "take-out" places likely to make you ill (not that I could recommend it, but there used to be a Au Bon Pain, that close a week or two ago). Your best bet may be the hotel, a thoroughly depressing proposition I'm afraid. This is an unfortunate place to attend a conference at.

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        Actually, if I'm desperate enough I'll eat McDonald's...but I'd rather not.

        I probably will just eat at the hotel. Perhaps I can make a case for reimbursement since there are not really many options close by.


      2. Depends on how far "not too far" is...and how loose your definition of "joint" is. The American Indian Museum is on 4th & Independence, you're just off of, in essence, 11th & Independence. It's about a half-mile walk, and the food there is really quite good -- not at all what you'd expect from a Smithsonian museum cafeteria.

        If you want to be adventurous (as in crossing a busy highway to get to a primitive eating space), you're less than a half mile from the Maine Avenue Fish Market area, which has plenty of vendors selling steamed shrimp, oysters, etc. To be clear, though, there isn't anywhere formal to sit and eat (though there are a few picnic benches and tall tables nearby), and getting down to Maine Avenue from L'Enfant can be an adventure...particularly in heels!

        National Museum of the American Indian: (look for Mitsitam Café)
        Maine Avenue Fish Market:

        1. Thanks for the responses!

          1. Atrium Cafe does excellent hand-carved roast beef and turkey sandwiches. Get there early because the lines can be abominable.


            Atrium Cafe
            400 Virginia Ave SW Lbby 1, Washington, DC 20024