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Oct 21, 2009 09:45 AM

Putting cheese on top of the meat - Crime against humanity?

So instead of my usual pizza joint that doesn't deliver, I got lazy last night and ordered from a chain that does. It was also about half the price. But oh god, why oh why, did they have to put the cheese on top of the meat? Don't they realize that the meat doesn't get a chance to crisp up and instead makes the crust soggy with meat juices? Ergh.

This is a crime against humanity, is it not?

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  1. Nope. One of my very favorite pizza places here in Richmond has a lovely thin crust, the best pizza sauce I've ever had, then toppings and then the cheese. Little pieces of the toppings stick out and get crusty. It's perfect.

    1. Although it tasted terrible hot, it's wonderful cold. Go figure.

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      1. Most Detroit style pizza is made that way. But Detroit style has a nice thick crust so it never gets soggy.

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          Soggy shmoggy - if the pepperoni is not on top it can't get those crisp, almost burnt edges that define pepperoni pizza perfection. I vote to condemn!

          1. re: BobB

            I second your vote! Guilty, guilty, guilty!

        2. this is the way they do it at Santarpio's in East Boston. it's really good.

          1. I prefer cheese on top because it gets nice and golden and keeps the toppings cooked but moist. I don't like pizzas where all the toppings are dry and burnt on top, I always wondered why some places do it that way (now I know).

            If the crust gets soggy it's usually because the stone isn't hot enough, doesn't have anything to do with where the cheese is.