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Your dream bun

Countless burger threads that touch on this, but I want to start fresh. To me, a burger with a crap bun isn't a burger, it's a patty atop two plates. Yet for all our savvy about gourmet burgers, packaged storebought crap is still the rule rather than the exception. What are the best buns you've ever had, buns that really enhanced the whole? Or buns you've never had but think would be great?

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  1. I agree with you that with a crap bun a burger is no fun.

    Here in Richmond, at a local restaurant called Can Can they make their own buns (they also have Gruyere as a cheese option) and the best fries. For $13 it's a great deal (and they'll make it medium-rare).

    Flemings has introduced burgers on their menu and they have a great bun. It's similar to Challah.

    The proportion of meat to bread has to be right also....gotta have balance.

    1. I will tell you that I do not enjoy a brioche bun. And I'm a sucker for the storebought crappy sesame bun of old. But my favorite these days is a nice roll from Piantedosi, local here in Boston --> http://www.piantedosi.com/foodservice...

      ETA: a "nice roll" ... I sound like my chowmom.

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        Why...too rich?

        I admit I like the rich & crumby: focaccia, brioche, challah, buttermilk biscuit, I'd eat a burger on/in any of it. Here in the SW you see tortilla burgers & sopapilla burgers, and I'm down with those too.

        A lamb burger wrapped in naan would be great.

        But I also like the chewy: English muffin (agreed, ipsedixit), Kaiser roll, anything with a sour tinge. Really good multigrain too. The stuff on the link looks good.

        I just don't like the cotton balls.

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          Two problems with the brioche: typically they fall apart if the burger is properly juicy, and you are left holding a kind of panade which you cannot put down for fear of not being able to retrieve it again. Then there is the buttery richness. Now you know I like buttery richness but if the burger itself is all meaty flavor, I don't want the bun to take away from that particular experience.

          I like an english muffin too.

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            Aha, I see, Miss Anti-Sucky Bread.

            Lately I'm so in the mood for soup I'll puree just about anything. Your reference to panade makes me think: I bet brioche soup with mini-burger meatballs would be good. Hold the mustard and ketchup.

      2. I like a plain white bun (no sesame seeds), but the texture has to be strong yet spongy.

        In my opinion 25 Degrees in Hollywood, CA makes the perfect burger bun (pic below). http://www.25degreesrestaurant.com/ho...

        Barring a perfect bun from 25 Degrees, I'll settle for an English Muffin.

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          Yes, the bun from 25 Degrees is perfect. Oddly enough, I usually am not a fan of brioche buns but that's what it is. I usually go for a nice toasted kaiser roll.

        2. I actually like a really good whole wheat bun. The flavor of the bun mixed with the burger is just awesomeeee

          1. I love a good brioche bun, but shy of making them myself, I go for Martin's Famous sesame rolls.

            1. Although used not for burgers but rather for ham, especially at Easter were Wolferman's egg rolls. I don't think they are available any more. They were perfect: soft, sweet and eggy. Nothing was better than a Wolferman's egg roll with a generous slice of ham and some Coleman's mustard. WOW!

              1. Pretzel Buns from Rustic Sourdough Bakery in Calgary sweet salty perfection imho - http://www.rusticsourdoughbakery.ca/b... (to see a pic scroll waaay down to the bottom, last image on the right)

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                  Oh, all those buns look awesome. And speaking of Wolferman's, I couldn't help thinking of their English muffins throughout this thread—always wished I didn't have to buy them frozen.

                2. For me? Ciabatta.

                  Makes me feel I'm getting some exercise during it's consumption.

                  Now if your question had been in the plural I would have responded differently.

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                    Me, too, buddy. A nice thick burger (so you can get a good crust on the outside, and still have it medium-rare in the middle), a piece of raw onion, some slices of good tomato, a spritz of Day-Glo mustard, and a schmear of sweet pickle relish on a lightly toasted Ciabatta - that's a burger with chew, with bite, with spice, and with a big, beefy taste. Lettuce and cheese are fine, but strictly optional.

                    Second place goes to a good CRUSTY kaiser - not the soft substitutes passed off as kaisers in so many places. I want a bun I can chew, not gum.

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                      Ciabatta's become my new favorite for hamburgers or lamb burgers. I dallied with "Miami Onion Rolls" aka Onion Pockets for a while, but they don't hold up nearly so well.