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Oct 21, 2009 09:15 AM

where to buy squid ink pasta?

i thought for sure bristol farms would have it - and that would have been so easy, but no luck. any ideas where, ideally not too far from echo park/silverlake?

thanks y'all.

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    1. re: butterqueen

      Ditto this, it's my GO to place to get it. I also used to get it at the Angelo's Italian Market in Long Beach. But both places are dried... You can get actual squid ink at Surfas to make your own fresh squid ink pasta or sauce...


    2. I just saw some at Claro's in La Habra this last Saturday. Try anyone one of its branches.

        1. i found it! actually, first i called surfas - kind of pricey and a trek, and also a little risky for me to even set foot in the place, truth be told... i can think of so many things i just have to have there. but just on a whim, i called the eagle rock italian bakery/deli and they carry it as well. close to home, plus they're really lovely and have yummy sandwiches to boot. i'll save the surfas trip for when my wallet is a little fatter and my pantry a little more bare.

          thanks for the tips - i'll have to pick up some fresh squid ink to make risotto - mmmm...