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Oct 21, 2009 08:39 AM

Looking for mouse shaped chocolates in Toronto

My significant other works in a lab with mice and is a huge fan of chocolate. I'd like to surprise her with some nice, mouse shaped chocolates but can't seem to find any.

Does anyone know of a store in the Toronto area that might carry mouse shaped chocolates or be able to make them for a reasonable price?

Thanks in advance

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  1. Fabian's Cafe on Markham Rd used to make cute mouse shaped truffles. That was forever ago, when I worked there, so I'm not sure if they still make them.

    1. Not quite mice, but hedgehogs...

      They have locations throughout the GTA.

      And they're pretty decent chocolates!!

      1. Try The Nutty Chocolatier, on Queen St. East in the beaches. I think they have novelty (mouse-shaped) chocolates.

        1. Try the Belgian Chocolate Shop on Queen St East. Their products are great, and they have mice-shaped ones: "Souris" - Belgian milk or dark chocolate with crushed walnuts in hazelnut cream.

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            Also..Frangipane on Dupont. I swear I have seen "mice" there
            Probably best to call ahead before you go to any other of these places.

            1. re: Crepes Suzette

              Second this. Fantastic shop, and they do have delicious mouse-shaped chocolates.

            2. Swiss Master Chocolatier at York Mills & Bayview. They definitely have mice -- see the picture here (just scroll down a bit):


              And, they have lots of other good stuff, too!!!