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Oct 21, 2009 08:09 AM

Cincinnati Lunch Help

Fellow Chow Hounds...
We are traveling to Cincy on a Monday and need a really good lunch place.
There is a City BBQ in Columbus that serves a really fine smoked brisket sandwich, but that is too far away. Something like that would be perfect.

Checked out Andouille, (sp?) and they sounded very interesting, but they are closed Mondays.

At any rate, anything interesting? And if it is ethnic, even better! Cajun, Greek, etc..

Also...high end burgers would be good, as well as Philly cheesesteaks. Yes, I know Geno's is in Philly..

Thanks, Dave

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  1. You might try Gordo's in Norwood for a high end burger. Terry's Turf Club has good burgers but not sure if they're open for lunch. City BBQ is all over the city, but you might want to try Pit to Plate for good local barbecue. New Orleans to Go in Springdale is awesome, but I'd call ahead to be sure they are open. Price Hill Chili has a great Greek gyro and homestyle food, as well as Cincinnati Chili. If you want the seminal Cincinnati chili experience, try Camp Washington Chili.

    1. I faced a similar problem several months ago, finding that lots of independents are closed on Mondays. Finally settled on Otto's in Covington, Ky. While across the river from downtown Cincinnati, it's only about a 5 to 10 minute trip. My guests and I couldn't have been more pleased.

      I'd also highly recommend Half Day Cafe, although it's quite a trek north of downtown.

      With due respect to sudiepav, my last experience at Gordo's was abysmal. The restaurant was nearly empty and it still took 45 minutes to get a dry, overcooked, flavorless burger that tasted like it had gone straight from the freezer into the microwave. I also think Pit to Plate has gone downhill since they moved to their new location, although it's still a colorful local joint with fun decor and decent barbecue. I'm kind of meh on Camp Washington Chili, although I do like Price Hill as a classic diner style place.

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        Sorry to hear about your experience at Gordo's. We've been 2x and it was great both times. I also would recommend Otto's We've had great meals there. I forget the name of the BBQ joint in Reading (the one w/ the bikini clad mannequin that caused such a fuss), Mike's maybe? We loved it last spring. Also, the Green Dog cafe on Columbia Parkway had some innovative food, with great vegetarian and vegan offerings.

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          Oh...that reminds me! Another place I've enjoyed consistently for lunch (and is open on Mondays) is Tink's in Clifton. Again, to the OP, not downtown, but near the University of Cincinnati in an inner suburb.

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            The BBQ joint in Reading is KT'sBarbecue. Here's a link to its website: It has terrific beef brisket and chicken. The sides are good as well. I haven't had the ribs. KT's has very little room for eating in, however. A better place for dining in is BBQ Revue, on Madison Road. It has excellent brisket and chicken. Here's a link to its site:
            Regarding Gordo's, I have to report that I didn't care much for the food there. For a unique, moderately priced spot with an interesting,eclectic menu and delicious food, try Myra's Dionysus, on Taft near the U.C. campus in Clifton.

        2. I think the best BBQ is Jim Dandy's right off I-75 in Sharonville. As a Philly raised boy I can say I have yet to have an edible cheesesteak here. (Don't get me started on the grease bucket known as Penn Station). A new burger joint opened in Blue Ash called "Sonny's". I've been there a couple of times and it was great. These are both north Cincy spots. Not sure where you'll be traveling.

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            Update to the above post, the burger joint is "Sammy's", not Sonny's. I've been there about 7 other times since October and still think it's awesome.

          2. City bbq beef brisket compares favorably to anything in Lockhart Tx and other places in Texas. City bbq Texas smoked sausage also compares favorably to Texas Pride east of San Antonio or other places in Texas. There is a City bbq location in West Chester at the northeast corner of Tylersville and Cox Roads. About 19 miles north of Cincinnati off I 75.

            City Bbq
            7706 Voice of America Park Dr, West Chester, OH 45069

            San Antonio Restaurant
            1116 N Taylor Ave, Garden City, KS 67846

            19 Bar
            19 W 15th St, Minneapolis, MN 55403

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              City BBQ is about the most overrated place I've ever eaten. Dreadful soggy meat; little smoke flavor. Bland, oddly seasoned sides. Stay away!