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Best Burger FOUND on Cape Cod! (Great chowder, too!!!)

It doesn't seem like it should be difficult to find a decent burger, hand pressed of fresh ground beef, cooked to a perfect medium, and served on a nice roll with a few tasty fries. Oh yes, there are a few places here on the Cape that put out a decent burger. I've had reasonable approximations at the Wequassett outdoor patio ($14.99) or at Barby Ann's Hyannis (around $10 and the only thing worth ordering there). Well, I'm here to tell you I've finally found Burger Nirvana in an unexpected spot, the new "Seaside Pub on Main" in Hyannis in the former location of Hannah's Fusion Restaurant. I went on the recommendation of a friend who works on Main Street who described it as 'pub grub except it's cooked by a real chef'. After our first visit, I now understand what he means. Our party of three started with chowder and chicken fingers. Sounds basic, right? First, the chowder was possibly the best I've had on Cape. Freshly made loaded with tender clams and skin-on potatoes. Not too thick and not too thin. Perhaps a bit too heavy handed on the applewood smoked bacon, but clearly the work of a superior hand. I knew this place had potential when I noticed that the chef put up the chowders instead of the customary waitstaff dipping into a steamtable bucket. One small complaint was it could have been a tad hotter. The chicken fingers were clearly hand breaded and coated with fresh herbs. No Sysco frozen fingers here. The sauce was a vanilla honey dijon aioli. Very tasty and unique. On to the burger, there are several permutations available, but I went with the old school basic cheese burger. Half pound Black Angus ground sirloin plain or with choices of cheese: Swiss, Cheddar & Monteray Jack, Gorgonzola, Goat Cheese, Parmigiano-Reggiano at only $7.95. Five type of hand cut fries come with, and I chose the pomme frites with truffle oil and Parmesan Reggiano which were terrific. The roll was grilled La Boccia bread and it was both soft and tender, yet held up well to the burger itself. No burger on Cape comes close, at any price. At only $7.95 it's a bargain!

It's a strange concept, but one that I hope works. Well worth a try for lunch. I suspect I'll give it go for dinner one of these nights and report back when I do.


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  1. Oh, CCG...you're killing me! Do I go here or Embargo for my one night on the mainland??

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      Tough call. I have such a small sampling of Seaside Pub on Main, it's hard to say go there instead of Embargo. I have had many samplings of Embargo, yet it has always been on Tuesday nights so I'm not sure if my high level of exhuberance would be the same if I'm paying $6-$12 dollars per small plate versus $3-$6. Drinks are expensive but good bartenders and it's got an almost city vibe. I like the room. If you are going with one other person, you should probably expect to split 4 plates, so if that's within a teachers budget ,go for it!

    2. Thanks for the great review and for bringing it to everyone's attention. Sounds Chowish! Love burgers like this.

      1. Seaside Pub is very close to my office, and I've never seen a soul going in or coming out. I will most definitely check it out on your recommendation, though. Five choices of fries?? That could be dangerous. Thanks for doing the legwork for me, CCG!

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          Hmmm.....I'll have to think about it! We're not "broke", we just don't feel like a fancy, Chillingsworth-type experience after being in a conference all day, then power-shopping. My friend is on a clean eating kick, so I'm thinking Seaside may not be our best option! Thanks again!

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            Ci, I too am clean eating and don't eat meat so the pub is out..for clean eating Inaho fits the bill for me..

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              It's not my intention to complicate things, but I did see a very nice plate of tuna sashimi coming out of the kitchen. Also the menu states: "Dietary Needs
              Vegetarian, gluten free, low carb or allergies, let our chef cater to your every whim."
              So it appears that clean eating is available.

        2. I know it's not cape cod, but the kobe & beef short rib burger at Toppers on Nantucket is to die for. It is really RICH in flavor and so tender. You'll pay for it, but you will love it.

          Anyway... here's hoping that Seaside Pub makes it through the fall and winter so I can check it out in the spring.

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            Thanks, foley. I live on Nantucket, but never been a big fan of the Kobe burger because it lacked any flavor (due to the low fat content). I'll have to head out there and check it out before they close for the season.

          2. Cape Cod Guy you rock! I'm on my way to check out the burger. Your reviews never dissapoint. Thanks for the field work.

            1. So anyone try it yet? We returned for lunch last Saturday and the food was consistently excellent. The chef and bartender own it. He was a chef at Hannahs and she owned an Irish Pub in Falmouth. Kind of explains the menu which is really pub grub with flair.

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                I got the chance to head down cape and try the burger at Sea Side Pub. It was Monday night on M.L.K day. The place was empty, and it was the chef's night off. I bellied up to the bar with a couple of friends and ordered a brew and burger. Excellent service from the bartender, The burger arrived hot on a wonderful bun with a mix of salad greens thick cut purple onion atop and very melted chedder/jack cheese. Thought it was good but not great, it was a bit past rare , which is what I ordered. The fries were good, however Blue in Mashpee Commons has better pomme frites, but for pub food very presentable. The service and ambience were excellent, and as we ate more people filed in. I was quite impressed with the desert which was panna cotta sprinkled with pop rocks, a fun way to finish a decent meal! I would like to try this spot again on a different night, in hopes to recreate Cape Cod Guys burger-nirvana.

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                  Does Bleu serve pomme frits with mussels??

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                    Are mussels clean eating?... I got the pomme frites as a side at Blue, and they were great and huge. Took some home. But as a side note I am not sure what pomme frites are supose to taste/look like, Blue's are light and thin, crispy with clean potato flavor, not greasy at all.

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                      Try Five Bays Bistro in Osterville for a nice Mussels and pomme frites dish.

                      Or, in Hyannis, Embargo does a nice mussels dish and you can order a humungous side of pomme frites with.....Mmmmm.

                2. File this under "All good things come to an end" I guess. We stopped in to Season Pub on Main for a couple of chowders and excellent burgers today. The bartender came to our table and apologized that service was apt to be slow as they were without a waitress and were short-handed. No problem, we ordered a couple of cokes while looking over the menu. As soon as the drinks arrived, three children between the ages of 7 and 10 fired up the new basketball machine and the place was instantly transformed from a restaurant to a loud video arcade. After 5 minutes of constant clanging of the basketball against the backboard, we looked at each other with the same thought, "should we leave?" Then the Wii was turned on the bigsceen and two more kids started playing Rock Band complete with guitar and drums. We told the bartender we just couldn't stay with all the noise. He gave us a bill for $5 for our two sips of Pepsi. End of story. Never again.

                  1. Thanks for the tip - I had a free (no kid) day on my family vacation so I hoped to try this burger on a Wednesday for lunch... too bad they weren't open! No where on their website (or restaurant signage) did I see hours posted. So I have no idea whether weekday lunch is served at Seaside Pub. Big disappointment! Went down the street to British Beer Co and had their burger (which wasn't bad).

                    British Beer Co
                    120 Worcester Rd, Framingham, MA 01702

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                      I really enjoy the burgers at the Lost Dog in Orleans.

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                        I think they only do lunch Thurs-Sunday. Honestly, I've been back several times since my original report and have yet to reach the level of nirvana achieved on that day. Good...just not incredible. British Beer does a decent burger, and I'm not sure it's any worse than Seaside Pub.

                      2. If you are in Falmouth, RD Brody's on Rt 28 in East Falmouth has great burgers and fries

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                          Anyone try the new(ish) Retro Burger on 28 in West Yarmouthwhere Steve and Sues used to be?