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Oct 21, 2009 06:50 AM

Preserving sausage casings

I bought a bunch of natural sausage casings packed in water this weekend. Despite the best intentions, I didn't get around to using them. Any suggestions on preserving them for later use? Salt? Freezing?


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  1. Is the water salted? I haven't seen casings that weren't packed either in salt or in brine. If it's not salted, I would add salt to the water. Casings should last at least six months in the fridge, maybe even up to a year. Although I have frozen salted casings successfully for a short period of time, most sellers of natural hog casings recommend against it.

    1. Salted they last 'forever'. But do salt them very heavily. You will be washing them inside and out before using. I have never frozen them

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        +1 for salting.

        Do NOT skimp on the salt. Cheaper to use a pound of kosher salt than to toss the casings.

        Salted, in a sealed container, into the back fo the fridge and you're golden. I've kept casings for well over a year this way.

        Get the entire length of all the casing in contact with the salt. Don't just pour a bunch of salt on the "glob" of casing. Work the salt in there. You're seeking to use the salt to desicate the casings.