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Kudos to Andy Huse

Congratulations to Andy Huse on his book and cover story in the St. Pete times


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  1. A thousand congratulations and best wishes!
    Count me in for an autographed copy!

    1. Wow, congratulations! Any other signings around Florida in the near future?

      1. many thanks for the good wishes. it is a really fun book.

        the official book launch is at the Columbia in Ybor on November 10. free tapas reception at 6.30, the event is at 7. Richard Gonzmart and I will speak with historian Gary Mormino moderating. The event is free and open to the public. I expect a full house. we will sign books after the talk.

        and i'm giving a talk and signing books at the St. Pete Times festival of reading on saturday 10/24 at 11am.

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          Can we buy the books at the reception?

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            yes. or at the St. Pete Times Festival of reading on Saturday. it will be widely available after the 10th.

        2. Congrats! I recognized the name immediately. Best wishes for the book.

          1. You da man, Andy! Major congratulations!


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              Congratulations Andy. I wish I could be there for the reception. I am certain that it will be a good time.

              1. Wonderful! Can't wait to see the book!

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                  I was fortunate to share lunch with Andy at the Columbia last week when the Times was doing the photo shoot for Wednesday's article. Best of all was that Andy had an advance copy of the book and I had a few minutes to look it over - it's beautiful!!! The pages are loaded with photographs that will bring back many memories to those that have been here long enough to remember the Columbia in past years......and I can't wait to get a copy home so I can read more about the restaurant's storied past. I highly recommend it to any and all of you foodies!

                2. Congratulations, Andy! I'm looking forward to reading the book.

                  1. For those interested, I wanted to plug the event at the Ybor City Columbia tomorrow night, November 10. Tapas at 6.30, discussion at 7, book signing to follow. The book is as much about family as it is about cooking and business, and the event should reflect the personal nature of the book.

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                        I just got a haircut and brushed my tooth!

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                          Here's a pic I took at the event that I like...

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                            Did you get a pic of that beautiful paella? ;-)

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                              I was having flash issues and the couple pics I took of the food didn't turn out... :-(