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Oct 21, 2009 06:27 AM

Side dish to serve w/ Chili

I'm throwing a bday party for my spouse and will be serving Turkey Chili( we dont eat red meat). The location where the party is being held has no refridgeration or oven. I'll be making the chili ahead of time and serving out of a crock pot. When I make Chili at home, I usually always serve brown rice, cornbread, sour cream, cheese, and crushed tortilla chips. I wont serve brown rice at the party because 1. no stove and 2. rice w/ chili isnt really the norm here in SW Ontario( I'm from Cali). I will serve the cornbread and the condiments. Do you think I need another side dish?

We'll be having various appetizers ( mostly cold) before dinner. I plan on making a few things, but I was told by the Spouse I should delegate to various guest. So, I know those items will end of being store bought crap( spinach dip, veggie platters, etc).

Any suggestions for side dishes? Or maybe I dont even need them?


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  1. sounds like this is to be an event where others are contributing.. There will be enough food already. Your contribution of the chili, cornbread and condiments should be more than enough this time.

    1. Cornbread and condiments sounds like a very generous contribution if you are having a potluck.

      1. Maybe a nice coleslaw - that is always nice with chili! (particularly if it's spicy, the coleslaw will tame the heat)

        1. Is this a red or white/green chili?? If it's red and you really want to add something else, try either macaroni (for chili mac) or simple hot dogs (for chili dogs).

          The slaw is a nice idea as a counter point to the chili. A nice crusty bread would be good too.


          1. Cole slaw, a nice crisp fresh, tangy sweet mostly vinagar based cole slaw. it's my go to side for chili.

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              I agree. Coleslaw is always a staple for me when making pulled pork and cornbread. I'd imagine it would be great with chili as well!