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Oct 21, 2009 05:49 AM

What to do with a gallon of milk?

I have a gallon of 2% of milk that's about to expire, and there's no way I can use that much in the next few days.

So any ideas? What can you do with a lot of milk that will make something that will last long enough to enjoy?

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  1. Puddings or cream soups would use a cup or two each. You can also freeze it for future emergencies, 2% probably wouldn't even separate but if it does, just shake it.

    1. Make homemade ricotta!

      1. always best to search before asking. chances are pretty good that your question has already been answered by many Chowhounds:

        1. How about homemade yogurt? One gallon of milk is a lot though, but you can strain the result and make Greek yogurt.

          Paneer? Yogurt cheese?

          1. Ice cream! When I was making ice cream this summer, I went through a lot of milk. Milk pudding. Rice pudding. Overnight French toast. White sauce. Cream of xx soup. Freeze it and use it later.

            Of course, milk doesn't automatically expire on its "use by" date, so you could take your chances. I just used the last of a half gallon that had an expiration of 10/8, but I keep my fridge very cold.