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Oct 21, 2009 05:06 AM

Seattle wedding caterers

I am getting married in Seattle next August and we want to have it catered. We were thinking of having people come and do bbq but we can't do pork because the venue is kosher. We would love to find someone that will do chicken and salmon and have some good sides as well. Can anyone make some recommendations? Thanks.


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  1. Congratulations! I had some pretty good bbq at an event once and I think it is these folks: but I am not completely sure. Sorry. I do know of many great wedding photographers if you need though! Good luck with the tasting!


      I have been to a couple of their events. Top notch food and service.

      Good luck and congratulations!

      1. Ravishing Radish Catering can work around menu restrictions and have great experience catering weddings. Beautiful flowers and table settings, great service and fantastic food.

        1. Landau's in Redmond. Great food of any type, and David Landau (Jewish) gets the whole kosher thing. Can't go wrong.

          1. Jasper's BBQ just does catering. I wish they had a restaurant because they make the best ribs in town. But they will also do seafood or customize a menu to suit your event.

            On Safari Catering does a nice job and is very accomodating. They also cater a lot of Bar/Bat Mitvahs and can do kosher is you would. I've only used them once for a catered lunch but everyone loved it and they have a good selection of interesting food.

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              It will be hard for some of the bbq people to come and do bbq because their equipment is not kosher. If there is a grill at the venue you can have grilled stuff, but not smoked, long cooked BBQ as some people here are referring to.

              If you do call On Safari, ask for Naomi, tell her you found this on Chowhound

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                I second Jasper's. They did our wedding and the BBQ was awesome (really good in this city full of bad BBQ)!!! Good job on smoking the meats and the sauce (not sugary tomato paste) was served on the side. I too wish they had a restaurant to visit because it would be nice to eat their food again.

                They were also reasonably priced and the food was endless. On top of it all they were super friendly. Great experience all around and I highly recommend them!!