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Oct 20, 2009 11:13 PM

DeLise Dessert Cafe, SF - New & Open

DeLise Dessert Cafe is now open in SF. The former pastry chefs from Bong Su have open up this new place. Website show some good looking stuff: cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, froyo, sorbet, coffee from Four Barrel Coffee Company, tea from Red Blossom Tea, etc. 2 Yelp reviews are positive.

Any reports yet?

DeLise Dessert Cafe
327 Bay St. San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 399.9694


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  1. Haven't been, but on Twitter they had a free dessert with coffee today.

    This sounds like a good location. It is across the street from Fisherman's Wharf Safeway. It is also near enough to North Beach so that people bemoaning the lack of trendy coffee in that area can get thier fix.

    They also have some vegan and sugarfree items.

    A new ice cream place. The owner that worked at Bong Su also worked for a while at Citizen Cake. I like the CC ice cream quite a bit, so I'm interested in trying it.

    I would take those two yelp reviews with a grain of sugar. However some of the desserts sound interesting. They should get their menu either on Twitter or their website to entice people. Some items mentioned

    - chocolate fleur de sel cookies
    - vegan coconut kaffir lime sorbet
    - toasted rice ice cream
    - peach frozen yogurt all made in house
    - tomato-basil scone
    - japalano-chedder muffin
    - nutella biscotti
    - lavender madeleine

    SF Weekly mentions pesto ice cream ... sounds interesting ... and says

    "We adored a sugar-coated blueberry muffin that was just bursting with juice, and similarly rationed a couple of miniature pecan-chunked banana coffee cakes. A chocolate chip cookie captured that elusive combo of soft and chewy"

    Daily Candy mentions truffle and niçoise olive shortbread and says

    "Asian-inspired ice creams, made fresh daily, go both ways, with flavors ranging from sesame to basil and pine nut pesto"

    1. I finally got to try Delise. It's owned by Dennis & Eloise hence the name of the place - combination of both of their names. They are husband & wife, they worked at Bong Su together.

      Location: It's on Bay @ Powell, across from the Northpoint Centre, near Trader Joe's in Fishermen's Wharf.

      Small place w/ some counter seating.

      Dennis & Eloise were both there. Dennis helped me and suggested I try all the ice cream which I almost did. They use small metal spoons for tasting.

      Dennis' favorite is Red Blossom Earl Grey ice cream. I liked it too.
      Eloise's favorite is Peanut Butter. I thought it was nice. I also tried eggnog, toasted rice, chocolate, Yuzu frozen yogurt, strawberry balsamic frozen yogurt. A bonus: Dennis let me try a new flavor he just made in the back: Lychee rose frozen yogurt! Awesome taste.

      Single scoop $2.25
      Double $3.5
      Triple $4.5
      Root beer float $5.25
      pint $7.5

      Two things I got:
      Chocolate chip cookie .75ea - small, but tasty.
      Nutella biscotti .75ea - small, nice & crunchy w/ hint of hazelnut
      My total: $1.50 - CASH ONLY!

      Stuff I saw - all on the small side:
      peanut butter oatmeal bar $1.75
      pistachio goat cheese wafer (sugar free) .75
      fudge brownies $1.75
      eggnog blondies $1.5
      pumpkin spice cupcake $2.25
      red velvet cupcake $2.25
      coconut macaroon .75
      banana coffeecake $1.5
      Double chocolate muffin; Jalapeno cheddar muffin; tomato basil scones $1.5ea

      Coffee: They use Four Barrel. Prices $2-$4.25
      Tea: They use Red Blossom $2.25

      Heard they have bathroom - didn't use it.


      Go check them out!

      Closed Sun
      M-F 8:30-8
      Sat 10:30-8

      DeLise dessert cafe
      327 Bay St, San Francisco, CA 94133

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      1. re: hhc

        They are temporarily closed due to birth of their child. Follow them on twitter for updates when they will reopen.

        twitter: @DeLiseSF

        1. re: hhc

          From twitter: @DeLiseSF: Planning to open on the coming Monday, 12/28. New store hours: 8am to 6 pm.

          Closed Sun
          M-F 8:30-6 (new hrs)
          Sat 10:30-6 (new hrs)
          CASH ONLY!

        2. re: hhc

          I really enjoyed the red blossom earl grey ice cream - very subtle but addictive once you hone in on that flavor. Brownie was on the fudgie side, whereas I prefer cakey - personal preference.

          1. A press release just hit my inbox announcing that DeLise has entered the macaron biz:

            "The macaron varieties, all made in-house, are Pistachio with saffron filling; Sesame with red bean filling; Coconut with passion fruit ganache and dried mango; Mon Cheri with lavender and kirsch/brandied cherry ganache; Dragon’s Passion with Szechuan peppercorn and milk chocolate passion fruit ganache; Hazelnut with maple orange filling; and Chocolate with salted caramel dark chocolate ganache. Two to three of these flavors are typically offered on a given day."

            And on the ice cream and sorbet front, some new seasonal flavors: "The spring frozen dessert flavors, available at various times, are Goat Cheese & Cherry Ice Cream, Strawberry Thai Basil Sorbet, and White Peach & Yuzu and Watermelon Margarita Sorbet."

            'Hounds, try 'em and report back.

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            1. re: Melanie Wong

              I am a fan of Delise, but I was really disappointed by their macacron. I gave it a try twice last year (when they first started making them), I was really disappointed. It was way too airy, totally wrong texture. I hope they have improved since.

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                I like DeLise's brownie (which they have gluten free) and ice cream, but their macarons were not good at all. Dry, airy and not balanced. The owners are great though and it is worth checking this place out for the other items.

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  I saw the macarons and sampled some of the same ice cream flavors about a month ago, so the new press blitz for some seasonal flavors and a supposed addition to their baked goods seems a little one trick, or something. If they're just now introducing Macarons, then why the french business name?

                  The white peach & yuzu grew on me, and had a nice refreshing taste. The flavors are pretty pronounced, and surprisingly hold up through a whole scoop.

                  I'd order it again if there location wasn't so inconvenient (more Fisherman's Wharf than North Beach) and the operation wasn't so unprofessional. Watching them dig for a mini bread out of a haphazard stack of silicon candy size molds sitting up on a shelf is a turn off, and doesn't make up for the lack of a proper storage/displays. They also close on Mondays like they're a restaurant.

                  1. re: sugartoof

                    "They also close on Mondays like they're a restaurant."

                    Or like they're a family-run business that deserves a bit of time off. I really enjoy their Asian-fruit based ice creams, not too rich and sugary, and they were doing a snickerdoodle that was the apex of snickerdoodles the last time we visited. Great tea selection too. A nice respite from the craziness of FW nearby).

                    1. re: grayelf

                      "Or like they're a family-run business that deserves a bit of time off"

                      On a Monday? A bakery/cafe? What bakery isn't family run on some level? Even Tartine is a family run business (or was) and they stay open.

                      Sure some close (Arizmendi) but I'm also sure I'm not the only one who has gone out of their way to go DeLise without checking their hours, only to find it unexpectedly closed. We're also talking about bite sized stuff.

                    2. re: sugartoof

                      The name is a combination of the two owner's name, not a "french business name".

                      It's a very small operation, essentially just the husband & wife. The husband also have a full time job, so he is only there some evenings & weekends. They SOMETIMES have one other person helping out, but it is no where near at the scale of Tartine or Arizmendi.

                      I am actually surprise by their rather long 6 days a week hours considering there is really the just two of them, and they have a very young child.

                      Anyways, I really go there for their banana (with nutella frosting) and green tea (with Azuki beans) cup cake, and ube ice-cream. I have 1/2 pint of the ube at home, I couldn't buy a pint, 'cause I know I would just eat it all. And I live just a few blocks away.

                      1. re: gnomatic

                        Wait, why should anyone care in this day and age of food carts, and artisanal food startups that they chose to work their business themselves while keeping a day job, etc? If it reflects on their operation, and their food, that's all that matters. Tartine was started by a couple. There are countless bakeries run by a single person. If they closed weekends, I wouldn't question it, but we're talking about closing on Mondays.

                        I simply don't find the style of product they sell (bite sized minis) to be worthy of their destination location. It's all too precious, while still seeming amateur. I liked the ice cream, even though I wouldn't drag to Bay street for it, and when they first opened, I was rooting for them, but I don't find their goods all that satisfying or consistent, and frankly, this press release is ridiculous.

                        1. re: sugartoof

                          Given that their location is in an area has more foot traffic on the weekend, it makes more sense to close on a weekday then a weekend. Running a bakery where they are making everything themselves is no easy task, much less one that continues to experiment with new and different offerings.

                          It's a personal choice/taste. I prefer the smaller sizes then the lining up outside a truck for giant cupcakes with super sweet frosting. I personally don't feel Tartine's bread to be worth the trek to the Mission from North Beach, and I love my carbs. Again, personal taste.

                          Their press release is no more "ridiculous" then many of those food trucks and artisan food startups you mentioned. I personally find many of the most popular trucks and talked about places to be more hype and gimmick. Oooh..another Korean + Adobo + taco..whoppeee.

                          1. re: gnomatic

                            Opinions about Tartine miss the point.

                            DeLise put out a press release for introducing cookies that aren't new, and their current flavors. I don't see why anyone should be bringing up their marital status, or outside commitments in a discussion about food.

                  2. Earlier this month I finally made it to Delise. It's open on Sundays now and closed on Mondays.

                    I agree with others that the macarons are too dry and crumbly. I did like the texture and sugar balance of the ice cream quite a bit, especially the Matcha green tea flavor that had more oomph than most.

                    Free wifi if you need to sit a spell.