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Oct 20, 2009 11:07 PM

Flying Pig Truck?

I read about the Flying Pig truck. Couldn't find a website, but I guess they are on Twitter. Anybody tried it? I'm always looking for a place to get my Pork on. I've found most of these trucks put more emphasis on gimmick than food. But I would give a truck dedicated to pork a try.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I just started following them on Twitter and will check them out very soon!

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      I also tried the short rib and duck tacos yesterday for lunch in DTLA. Short rib was pretty much as described by Dietgrace. I thought they were going for the char which usually adds great flavor in carne asada, but didn't work for the rib. The hoisin sauce with the duck overwhelmed the taco. The taco shells weren't my favorite either, no give and the filling just slid out on the first bite. Hopefully they'll rework it and I might give it a try again.

    2. I walked over to 9th & Hope today, to check out the Flying Pig. Only two people in line ahead of me. I ordered the Pork belly bun and Short rib taco. I wanted to try the fries, but they were already sold out.

      Anyways, I got the food and walked across the street to sit down and eat. The pork belly bun was okay, it had two small slices of pork, and instead of cucumber, it had radish sprouts with some sort sweet sauce (hoisin, maybe?). The radish sprouts were a little overpowering. I would try it again, but not for a long time.

      The short rib taco was was miniscule pieces of burnt, charred remnants of meat on one small oyster mushrooms, like the menu said, only a squiggle of red sweet sauce. This was a total waste of money. Nothing can compare to a Kogi taco.

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        I actually tried it last night and I wasn't very impressed. I felt the same way about the Short Rib Taco, it was like burnt meat in a Mission Tortilla. I saw that because they had the supermarket package in plain view. People....meat slapped in a supermarket tortilla does not constitute a good taco. Believe me, I'm 1/2 Mexican! The sauce was pretty mush Hoisin sauce. So much for "Asian Fusion". Kinda felt the same way about the Nom Nom truck. My wife tried the Pork Taco and said it was "OK". A duck taco sounded really tasty, but they were sold out. I really hope their brick & mortar restaurant is better than the truck.

        So far just about every "high concept" truck I've tried (besides Kogi) has been pretty mediocre. Kogi understands the concept of a good taco Asian-style. So far I am about 1 for 10 on the "trendy trucks".

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          What Kogi gets and few others trucks seem to is that the tortillas have to catch some grease to really work in the way that most taco truck tacos work. If the Nom Nom Truck's tortillas ever touched a spot of oil, I couldn't tell - and it suffered for it. Same went for Don Chow. It's not just about the ingredients you put inside the taco.