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Oct 20, 2009 11:03 PM

Ibex - Calgary (+More African)

Anyone eaten at Ibex on International Ave?

I was at Fassil the other day (combined the cleanliness of Marathon with the yumminess of Blue Nile, but still portion sizes were HALF of Blue Nile, if that) and noticed Ibex across the street. A quick Googling suggests that it is also Ethiopian, but the menu online looks REALLY small. I do find the "Well chopped lamb stomach, liver red meat" dish quite interesting...

What about other African cuisines in Calgary? I know there are Moroccan places in town, but what about West African food? I won the junior high geography challenge by correctly answering a question about Liberia... what do they eat in Liberia? Can I get it here? What about Botswana? This issue was not thoroughly explored in "The #1 Ladies Detective Agency"!

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  1. I don't know of any West African restaurants once you exclude Moroccan (Moroccan Castle, Casbah, Sultans Tent), but for EastAfrica, there's Kush/Sudanese food at Imaan. Safari Grille serves "East African" cuisine as well.

    Details for Imaan.

    Safari Grill is in the Short Pants Plaza.

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      I had some DELICIOUS samples at Taste of Calgary from Imaan, and they said that they were Somali- which makes sense since Somali food is deadly good and not at all like Ethiopian.