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Oct 20, 2009 10:26 PM

Any word on Trata Roslyn?

Looking forward to trying this out. Just opened yesterday I think. Love Limani "down the road" so it would be great if this is as good.

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  1. If you try to make a reso on-line, it says that they are only taking them after October 26th. If you go, please let us know if prices are in the stratosphere like they are at Limani. Trying to figure out which space this is in.

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      1. re: pwrube

        I was there on opening night.

        They did a great job with the interior of the place.

        They have a great sound system with a DJ coming every Thurs, Fri & SAturday nights after 9pm. The music definitely created some great ambiance.

        There is a large bar as well as a long plush L shaped seating area opposite the bar against the wall with small cocktail tables which can accomodate probably 15 people comfortably. The seating is definitely a comfy place to hang out and have a couple of drinks.

        We chose to eat at the bar.

        We started with homemade white sangria (no red available) with fresh pineapple and mango. The drinks were very light and refreshing but the mango wasn't totally ripe yet. The only disappointment I had with the drinks was the price< $12.00 per glass, I thought that was a little steep. At that price, give me a glass of grey goose and lemon and I'm good.

        We started with the grilled octopus salad which was the best I ever had. The octopus was so tender and fresh I could have had a triple order and walk out totally happy. My girl said the octopus was just as good as it was in greece when she went last year.

        Next was the scallops pan seared wrapped in stringy phyllo dough over a fruit compote. Although I am not a big scallop fan I though these were delicious too. The scallops were tender not overcooked and the fruit compote really completed the dish. I would order these again as well.

        My girl had the roasted chicken which we both though was terrific. The chicken was de-boned and very easy to enjoy. The skin was crunchy and the spice they use was sooo good. Every part of the chicken was juicy not dried out. Although I usually stay away from chicken dishes when dining out, anyone who does enjoy a good chicken dish, this is one to try. I also must comment on the side of sweet potatoe mash. It was the best! Tons of garlic in there, which worked perfectly with the sweetness of the potato.

        I had the lamb dish. Unfortunately I was disappointed because it turned out to be a lamb shank. I would have ordered something else if I knew. (it did not say that on the menu) I feel there is never enough meat on shanks and I feel like I pay allot of money to have these huge bones on my plate. The side of risotto was moist and was enjoyed.

        With tip I spent $157.00 but $48 of that was for 4 sangrias.

        We did not have dessert.

        I would definitely go back but would not order the lamb shank.

        Hope this helps.

    1. I was there on Saturday 10/24 at 7:00 PM.
      Nice job on the physical plant. Food was pretty decent, although extremely expensive. They price their fish by the pound, but nobody volunteers what the actual price per poun is. I also found drink prices to be abusive - some wines were priced at more than 3 times what you can buy them at retail...
      Service was an absolute DISASTER: our waiter couldn't get the orders right (who ordered what); forgot one of our cocktails; had to repeatedly ask him to bring us bread; upon trying to serve us, spilled part of one of our dishes on a poor, unsuspecting woman walking to her table. All this in addition to giving us the bum's rush a little over an hour after we sat down: table was getting cleared as I was trying to finish my glass of wine and one of my three guests still had some dessert left on her plate.
      At one point I saw a waiter running through the restaurant with a wet, dripping mop, on the way to clean up a spillage. Not a very appetizing sight...
      The place is very noisy - a real scene for those who like that sort of thing, but impossible to carry on a normal conversation above the din, in addition to having waiters, busboys and assorted other personnel speaking very loudly and throwing the food at you. I would suggest you wait a couple of months, until the novelty wears out and they are able to polish up their service act... Maybe even realizing they might not make it charging these prices in the middle of a recession. (I hear Limani is having financial difficulties...)

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      1. re: boulevardier

        I totally agree with your comments on the prices.

        It sounds like the service was a disaster, I am glad I ate at the bar.

        I always find the bartenders service(at most places) is tops when you eat at the bar...

        1. re: boulevardier

          I was at Trata 1 week after it opened for drinks. The bar was smaller than what I expected, knowing that the Roslyn crowd enjoys the evening scene. The bar was decorated lovely, with a great sound system, although they should adjust the volume when there are only 4 people in the bar.

          I was disappointed when the greek bartender told me to have a greek chardonnay, realizing that was nearly impossible. It was unoaked and dry - consistent with most greek wine. I was surprised to learn that their entire wine list is GREEK only.

          I went for lunch 1 week later. ENjoyed the calamarie, but the rest was bland. Simple salads and pannin's.
          Same price as Limani for dinner and more expensive than Limani for Lunch.

          1043 Northern Boulevard, Roslyn, NY 11576

        2. Just had dinner there this past Saturday evening. We arrived without reservations but were treated superbly all night. The wine and food were wonderful, albeit pricey, but for a special evening out, it was a wonderful experience. I would definitely go again.

          1. Been there twice with my wife. She likes it more than I do because she doesn't see the check! Decor and style is very nice. Service a little snooty and uninformative (dollars/lb of fish is good example), but otherwise fine. Greek salad without the lettuce is superb but you just need one to split and they should tell you that. Lamb was good. The Major Problem is that this is a fish place and the you can't order the fish because it comes out to about $60 for two pieces of sole with nothing else on the plate! I want to like this place but so far I just can't. Hey trata, it's a simple fix. Lower the fish prices!