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Jan 26, 2005 07:12 PM

Mollejas at King Taco

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Dear Chowhounds,

Everyone knows about al pastor at King Taco, but as far as I know the mollejas/sweetbreads have not been mentioned here. At the East LA/Olympic branch they're great, a nutty, soft and delicious alternative to the regular taco choices. Incidentally, tres carnes are not translated on the English menu: mollejas, tripas y buche. Do they think non-Spanish speakers will dislike these tasty meats??!!!

Happy eating,

Low End Theory

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  1. Generally, yes. Every time I go into a tacqueria and order buche, tripitas, cabeza, I always am asked if I know what they are. Most of the country are not chowhounds...they are at Del Taco and El Torito...sad to say.

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    1. re: Just Larry

      Too bad more people don't try the buche - they'd love it, if they can take the fat. As far as mollejas, I wish I could find it up here in Sacramento.

      IMO, as far as taco truck tacos go, lengua is usually the best bet - the least greasy of the cuts of red meat, and usually the richest and most tender.

      1. re: hewn

        I just had a lengua burrito at the King Taco in Long Beach last week. It was so tender. It is one of my favorite parts of the cow!