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Oct 20, 2009 09:09 PM


Lasagne during the holidays is a tradition in my family, and one I dread. I'd like to take the lasagne cooking reigns this year and kick the heirloom recipe (tomato paste, hamburger, cottage cheese) to the curb.

I'm ideally looking for a dish that doesn't involve tomatoes (I love tomatoes more than any other fruit when they're fresh, but don't like them canned or gassed). I'm open to suggestion, though, so if you have a red sauce recipe you think is worth it, I'd love to hear it.

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  1. blkery, have you ever tried a red pepper (sweet bell) sauce? That you can make from fresh produce. Sometimes I make it for pasta; obviously, not tomato, but good in its own right.

    1. My new favorite is eggplant lasagne (no pasta). It has tomato, but is so much lighter and tastier. No one seems to miss the pasta at all!

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        1. The bolognese has some tomato in it but it is background flavor versu a ragu.

          1. Cooks Illustrated did a mushroom lasagna a few years back that was fantastic.


            I made it and served it with some expensive Italian sausages on the side for the meat portion of the dinner and it was incredible.