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Oct 20, 2009 06:36 PM

Downtown wings that can be delivered

I'm organizing a work event for Halloween and would like to order wings. Does anyone know any good wing places downtown that delivers to the Queen's Park area? And prices if possible. Googled Gabby's (they deliver, but I've never tried them), O'Grady's, Einstein's, Pogue Mahone...


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  1. i can't specifically recommend one downtown but if you find one, make sure you request either no lid on the containers or lots of holes in the lids of the containers. the trapped heat steams the wings and the become as worthless as wings from a pizza place after that. i found out the hard way.

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      1. Swiss Chalet actually makes pretty decent wings. I brought them to a party once and everyone liked them a lot. Most importantly, they deliver! I'm not sure about the price. I believe each order has 8 wings, though.

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