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Oct 20, 2009 06:22 PM

Salem, MA recommendations

Hello all, I'll be going to Salem for Halloween day. I know it's cliche and all, but my friend is looking forward to it, and I've never been. I'd like to get some good food out of it so we're looking to have at least one meal there, maybe even two. Please tell me what's good. Thanks!

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  1. Vic's Boathouse at Victoria Station on Pickering Wharf.

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      That place looks nice but I think my friend is going to want something more affordable. Any other ideas?

    2. the wait/lines will be very long anywhere. Easiest is to just grab something from one of the street vendors but even then the lines are long. Dodge Street Bar & Grill or Salem Beer Works are both ok for pub type food. In A Pigs Eye is also decent but VERY small and could be packed. Parking in the area stinks so your not going to want to leave/come back so your pretty much stuck in walking distance. If you do go out after, i like the Barnacle in Marblehead but i msut admit i have not been in about 10 years!

      1. I highly recommend Bella Verona on Essex St. I thought it was fantastic. Inexpensive pasta dishes, best I've had in years, since we moved to Maine. It's across from the visitors center and parking garage.

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          thanks for the suggestions guys, I'm assuming it's going to be hard to find parking on this day? Is it an easy town to just park one place and walk all over?

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            it will be REALLY hard to find parking. The longest walk will be from your car to where you want to be. Then you can walk around easily

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              Get there early and park in the municipal garage. From there the rest of the town is easily accessible.

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                62 on Wharf is the best of the best in Salem.

                a short drive away in Danvers is Ipazzi. New restaurant by an Italian couple who put more love into what they are doing there than any restaurant I've been too in New England. The service is slow, the food will not blow your mind with cutting edge creativity, but the hospitality of the chef husband and his wife is what dining is all about.

          2. I'll be there this weekend too, however my Aunt is lucky enough to live right by the common. I plan on getting there early Friday and not leaving until Sunday!

            How's the Tavern in the Hawthorne? It looks like pretty standard pub fare.

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              We ate at In A Pig's Eye for lunch on Saturday - pretty good inexpensive pub-type fare.

              My Aunt took us to Anchor Pub & Grille right over the Beverly bridge. It was fantastic. Total locals joint, seafood was fantastic and dirt cheap. I had fried haddock with 2 sides for $8.95, my husband had a HUGE plate of whole bellies with 2 sides for $18.95, my aunt had fish and chips for $4.50 with 2 sides. The best part of the meal was our "appetizer" of fried fish cheeks - they were to die for ($4.25). Lobsters were $8.50 with a side, beers were $1.50..couldn't get any better than that!

            2. The weather is supposed to be warm, so you might want to stop the Lobster Shanty on Artist's Row. You can sit outside on the patio and they serve up some pretty tasty food at good prices. The Gulu Gulu Cafe also has outdoor seating, and a fabulous beer menu. The Old Spot is also great for inexpensive pub fare. For really cheap, try the Boston Hot Dog Co., they've got quality hot dogs, sausages and even vegetarian options.

              If you're willing to spend a bit more, 62 on Wharf is one of the best restaurants around - definitely worth a visit. Bella Verona is great for Italian and Passage to India serves up terrific Indian food.


              Lobster Shanty
              RR 6, Eastham, MA 02642

              Passage To India
              29 Wharf St, Portland, ME 04101