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Jan 26, 2005 04:31 PM


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Has anyone been to Sushi Roku in Hollywood? Tell me about the service there. Any notable servers?

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    rabo encendido

    Sushi Roku is the epitome of trendy, style before substance. Fancy, nouveau sushi served at ridiculous prices. Service is a lethal combination of snotty and clumsy. Whole place is extremely attitude-laden, and not worth visiting, in my opinion. Sorry to go off, but one of the few restaurants in our great city that I truly despise.

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      Agreed. And as bad as the prices on the menu are, the specials are priced much higher, as in "Gotcha, sucker!" On my one visit a few years ago, after I asked for the check, the chef said, "You sure? Toro's very good tonight." I relented and ordered it, and was charged $19 for two tiny pieces.

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        I'm glad I read the responses. i was going to comment on Sushi Ryo - Hollywood. Roku is on 3rd st, I thougth.

        Ryo is pretty good. They have matsudake soup in season.

      2. I really did not like this place. It's a typical Hollywood hipster fest, where they actually focus on the visual appeal of the place, rather than the food or service! Check it out if you want, but i wouldn't recommend it

        1. If someone was taking me there and expensing it, I would not complain. The dishes are trendy, but usually quite good. I've had decent service usually. If I had to spend a couple hundred of my own money, though, I'd find someplace else to go.

          1. It's been maybe 3 months since I've been there last but I've always had a good meal there. The service is always excellent and never with attitude and the food was top-notch. Granted the prices are high but I put Roku on par with Koi and Matsuhisha near it. There's so much hatred for Roku on these boards (as well as for its sister restaurants BOA) but I've been going there for years and never had a complaint.