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Oct 20, 2009 06:14 PM

How to cook beef top of rib roast?

My wife and I went to the kosher store to try a different cut of meat, and picked up about 3.5 pounds of "beef top of rib roast." The guy at the store suggested seasoning it with salt, pepper, and garlic, and cooking it in the oven at 300 for about an hour in a covered roasting pan.

We came home, and were not really able to find many other suggestions online...Does anybody have any advice or suggestions? Thanks in advance!


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  1. Prepare it exactly the way you prepare brisket, in a covered roasting pan with some liquid such as Mikee Garlic Sauce for about 3 hours at 350. Cool and slice thinly AGAINST the grain. Return to the liquid so the meat does not dry out. It can be refrigerated or frozen after cooking, and then reheated.

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      Top of the rib can also be sliced after about an hour and a 1/4 cooking time and then put back into the gravy to cook the rest of time. I usually at cut up potatoes at that point too. makes a great pot roast & potatoes

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        Beryl is correct. The advantage of slicing when only half done is that the meat is still firm so that you don't have to cool it off in order to slice. Adding the potatoes and other veggies, especially onions, is also a good idea, but remember that you cannot freeze cooked potatoes. This piece of meat is not a "roast".

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          Berel, would your brisket recipie (the ginger ale one) work with the top of rib roast?

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            never tried it with top pf rib.

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          Thank you! How does top of the rib compare to brisket tastewise?

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            It tastes very similar to first cut brisket, taking on the characteristics of the sauce used to cook it in.

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              Your help is much appreciated, so I figured I'd milk it for all it's worth (always fun to use the word milk in a thread about beef).

              Do you have any favorite recipes? We tend not to be huge fans of the sweet recipes, and usually use a dry red wine and onion marinade for our brisket.

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                Just remember to go light on the salt. Kosher meat that has been soaked and salted absorbs some of the salt from this process, so it is better to go light on the salt until you get the hang of exactly how much salt remains in the meat. There can be a significant difference regarding the amount of salt absorbed in the meat depending upon the supplier who performs the soaking and salting process. Cooking it tomato sauce with roasted garlic and mushrooms is one of my favorites.

        3. Is the 3.5 pounds of beef top of rib roast one piece, or several pieces of meat? The technique sounds fine, salt, pepper and garlinc, plus cookng in a slow, 300 degree oven, but I do not think this will be tender or done in an hour. Oops, I just noticed 'covered roasting pan'. When I cook a rib roast, admitedly a non-Kosher cut of meat, I would never cover it; it would always be roasted in an open pan, perhaps with sliced onions underneath to catch dripping.

          It's possible beef "top of rib roast' is a cut I am not familiar with. It may not be as tender as rib roast. But, even in a covered pan for that length of time, I do not think it would be done or tender, unless it it was many relatively small pieces of meat.

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            A rib roast is a different type of roast from top of rib.Top of rib is the piece of meat that covers that the rib. Top of rib would be cooked covered whereas a rib roast is a much larger piece of meat that would be roasted. 3.5 lb of top of rib could possibly be one large piece or 2-3 smaller pieces .

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              it's sounds like the orginal poster meant "top of the rib", which a bit similar in shape to a brisket ie. flatter than a roast

              1. re: berel

                its not just smaller, its a totally different cut off beef, according to alton brown, the rib roast is, i guess closer to the bone, and as such, a less excersized body part, so its more tender, and fattier, and doesnt need to be cooked as long, the top of the rib, is well, on top of the rib roast, and more excersized, so in order to become tender, its gotta be cooked low and slow

                the only differe,ce for me, in cooking it, from cooking a brisket, is that there must be some liquid to get the optimum level of tender, a brisket can be cooked with liquid or can be cooked dry, a top of the rib has got to be liquid, but in terms of temp and time, they both need a lower temp and a longer amt of time

          2. I picked up one of these at Costco a few weeks ago and it's still in my freezer. It's rolled up in string. It sounds like I would not cook it rolled up but would remove the string and cook it flat. Is that correct?

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              What did you end up doing with it?

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                I wonder if MisterBill will remember what he did with it four and a half years after the fact. Some days I can barely remember what I had for dinner the previous night.

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                  I don't know what MisterBill did with it 4 years ago, but for 65 years of marriage my mother made this every other week.
                  Sautee some onions in a Wearever Cast Aluminum pot (do not use stainless steel) on top of the stove, brown the Top of the Rib in the fat from the onions, added salt, pepper, garlic powder, 6 oz beef or chicken stock, 4 dried Bay leaves and a small can of tomato paste. Cover tightly and bring to a simmer, turn flame all the way down to low and cook on top of the stove one hour per pound raw weight.

                  When done, remove beef from pot and place on cooling rack. Remove bay leaves and discard. Pour liquid into pyrex 4 cup measure and refrigerate or put in freezer for 2 hours. Deglaze pot with some dry red wine. Remove fat from top of cooled measuring cup and pour liquid and onions into the pot. Slice roast in 3/8" slices across the grain add to pot. Heat on low about 30 minutes.

                  Serve over Broad noodles.

                  Better the 2nd day.

                  Mom is 92 and in a nursing home, she doesn't stand, speak often, and can't feed herself. I made this Sunday in her old pot and visited her today for lunch bringing a portion with roasted new potatoes (she is unable to eat broad noodles at this point) and cut green beans.

                  She didn't recognize me, she hasn't said a word to me in 6 months. But her eyes lit up and she cracked a smile when I uncovered the plate. I cut it up small and it took an hour to feed her. She ate the entire meal then smiled and went to sleep.

                  The only time I see any emotion or pseudo recognition is when I bring her long time favorite foods made the way she made them for all the many years she ran the house.

                  1. re: bagelman01

                    Awesome, thank you for sharing. I love hearing how this made you and your mom able to share a connection.

                    1. re: bagelman01

                      Wow, that is beautiful. There is something about the foods we eat together and prepare for the people we love that runs very, very deep in the soul.

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                        I've found as my mother deteriorates that certain smell and tastes trigger a small response/recognition.

                        The nursing home makes decent chicken soup, but not like my maternal grandmother, so I have a stack of single serve gladware bowls of chicken soup made with dill in my freezer. Each Friday when I visit I bring one and it is heated for her and served with her dinner.

                        Mom's English birthday is Erev Rosh HaShanah this year (she was born 2nd day RH) so we are going to bring a holiday meal and have a mini party in a private lounge at noon.

                        It will include the Top of the Rib to her recipe. Chicken soup made with dill and veal stuffed kreplach. A tzimmes made without carrots (she always refused to eat cooked carrots) and honey cake. Hopefully we'll get some response, but we'll go start the Yomin Noraim knowing we;re doing the best for her that we can.

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                        This brings back so many memories. I wish I had the heavy club aluminum, glass lidded casserole that my mother used for potting . I hope your mother will enjoy the Yom Tov offerings that you are planning for her.

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                          I think it's still in the freezer, which is what my wife tends to do with stuff I buy that she doesn't want to make. Who knows if it's even any good anymore. It might have been thrown out after the power outage following Sandy, although not everything in our freezer melted.

                    2. Top of the rib is one of our very favorite cuts of beef. I a large frying pan, saute a lot of sliced onions.and garlic. Add mushrooms and place the top of the rip on top - sprinkle garlic POWDER (not garlic salt) on both sides of the meat. Add water almost up to the top of the meat, with a LOT of paprika and a bit of chicken bouillon powder. Stir to mix the water with the paprika & bouillon. Cover pot and cook over medium heat. After cooking a short while , remove meat from pan.and cut the meat against the grain. Replace in pan and cook for about an hour or till soft. You can thicken the sauce, but we like it as is.

                      1. My wife cooks it in a slow cooker.