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Oct 20, 2009 05:45 PM

Jenelle's, New Haven - any news?

Has anybody been? And where is it? Thanks!

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  1. I've been many times. It's excellent. The space is attractive and clean; the staff friendly; the sandwiches good, though some better than others. I'm not as enthusiastic about the espresso drinks, they're expensive and amateurish. Between that and the new Salsa on Grand, my lunches are now all taken care of. Martin's and Machu Picchu are for my dinners. Long live Fair Haven!

    Jenelle's is on Front Street north of Grand, south of Lombard, set back from the street in the marina.

    1. Beautiful store and location. My biggest problem with them is that the prices are way too expensive, they do not open on time and the food is never made the same or portions the same size when you order on a daily basis. Again this has been my experience and not everyone. On the plus, the desserts are delicious! There is nothing like a fresh baked muffin in the morning when it's still hot from the oven. The cakes are dangerously good. The fresh cut potato chips are a nice addition to a sandwich. I do hope that they make it in an area where nothing seems to stick around. I hope that the neighborhood will support this business unlike the many that have opened and closed.