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Oct 20, 2009 05:24 PM

Best Bo Tai Chanh?

There was a thread in Home Cooking regarding a recipe similar to Bo Tai Chanh which got me thinking about this fabulous dish. One of my favorites these days is at Rang Dong on Webster (site of the former Vi's). . . in fact, the topic sent me to Rang Dong for lunch where I had the Bo Tai Chanh along with an order of Chai Goi and Lemongrass Beef Bun all of which were quite tasty. My only suggestion besides the Bo Tai Chanh is to visit Rang Dong during the day because it tends to be ice cold in the restaurant in the evening. . to the point that the servers are wearing jackets!

Where else in the Bay Area has notable Bo Tai Chanh?

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  1. as i stated in the other thread, while I haven't tried Rang Dong's version yet, I really like Pho 84's rendtiion.

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      Thank you! I haven't been to Pho 84 in quite a while so it will be nice to go back and I look forward to trying your recommendation.