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Oct 20, 2009 05:10 PM

Blue Star Cooktop problem - No tech support??

I have a Blue Star 36" cooktop in less than 1 year. It works very well until the malfunction of the simmer burner three months ago. When I light up the simmer burner, all 4 igniters are keeping clicking even after the flame comes out in the simmer burner. I guess that there might be some thing (like sensor) in the simmer burner malfunction.
I tries to get a tech support from Blue Star, but no reply... Finally I got the dealer's help to reach the service person and he seems not understand my problem and sent me a new igniter. It's not working at all.
Now it seems no way to get a tech support form Blue Star to fix the simmer burner. Does anyone know what is the problem of my cooktop? thanks a lot!

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  1. When we installed our Blue Star, the gas plumber voiced the opinion that the simmer burner, at "all the way low," was a good test of gas pressure coming from the street into the stove, through the meter. If, after starting the simmer burner on high and then slowly turning it all the way left to low, nothing clicks--you have good gas pressure. Conversely, if other igniters keep clicking, it may be because the gas pressure is below specifications required of the stove(some specified "water level in inches" figure).

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      Other things that might be going on are that the burner is out of adjustment (flame really is too low turned all the way down) or that the igniter is broken or its tip is positioned incorrectly to catch the flame and prevent the spark module from sparking. If they sent an igniter, all it takes is a Philips screwdriver and about 5 minutes to change it out and see if that makes a difference.

      Sounds like it's still under warranty, so I'd keep calling Bluestar to get it taken care of. I'd do that rather than fill out a form online, b/c then you can push them to explain how they're going to take care of it.

      Did you get the 'white glove' service on the install? (

      1. re: ted

        Thanks Geezer, I did not get white glove service... My contractor install it. Blue Star did send me a replaced igniter, but it does not work.

        1. re: Lynn T

          I have a hard time believing that a brand new igniter (Bluestar calls them "electrodes") wouldn't work. If the ceramic part was visibly cracked, yes, but otherwise I'm not sure what there is to break. Re-check your wire connection and positioning.

          If you don't have the install manual, the drop-in and regular cooktop manuals are here (along w/ others):

    2. I had a similar situation. When one of my front burners was turned all the way down the igniters would occasionally fire a few times, stop, then fire again, all intermittently. First off, when one igniter sparks, they all do. If you look closely at a burner you will see that the metal sparker on the igniter is very close to a gas hole on the burner. The igniter system of the stove knows when gas to a particular burner is turned on. It also senses the presence of a flame. If a flame is absent the the igniters fire. In your case and mine, the igniter isn't sensing the flame.

      There are two fixes. In my case I loosened the mounting screw of the igniter and moved it slightly. There is a small amount of play in the mounting hole. That minute repositioning was enough for the igniter to sense the flame even when it was very very low. If that doesn't work you will need to make a low flame adjustment. Here's how (click below to see the photo). Good luck.

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      1. re: TIPo

        I am glad that TIPo has the similar problem. I will have my husband to fix it as your post. I will get back later. Thanks a lot!

        1. re: TIPo

          Just FWIW, the 6-burner range has 2 spark modules with three burners ganged per module. Assuming it's the same for the cooktop.

          1. re: ted

            Sorry that I did not express clearly! The new igniter is working to start the flame, but it does not resolve my problem - all 4 burners still keep clicking. I will have my husband to check the position of simmer burner igniter (like TIPo suggested) this weekend. My husband is handy but is not good reading English :< and I am tech idiot.
            By the way, I cannot find any tech suport services from Blue Star website. I only get a service person's phone number from my dealer, and it's very frustrated to reach the person to get any advice. I am disappointed with BS' customer services.

            1. re: Lynn T

              You might just try any local gas service people. That is how I got mine worked on at the beginning--I'm out in the woods, far far from any dealer. The BS is very simple, and just about any experienced gas technician should be able to fix whatever is wrong with it, and may well have any needed parts on his truck.

              1. re: johnb

                Lynn T- the link in my first post includes an 800 number to call regarding white glove service. They could probably discuss service also. There's also a service request form you can fill out online.

                My only concern with having the local gas folks work on it is if it's a spark module that's failed, they won't have that part on hand. But they could tell you whether your gas pressure is high enough.

                1. re: ted

                  I have my local gas guys coming out next Monday to work on another thing (gas fireplace). While they're here, if I remember, just as a test I'll ask them what parts they carry around or at least have easy access to and report. Worth knowing anyway.

        2. Lynn, I know NOTHING about Blue Stars, so please overlook this if I sound stupid. ;-)

 they by any chance have removable burner caps?

          I'm asking because I have a Viking cooktop and the caps come off for cleaning purposes. If even one isn't set back in just right, then the ingiter will light the burners, but they will keep clicking. And when I say "just right", I mean, "just right". They are fussy.

          This will also happen if I get moisture around the igniter while cleaning. The burners will light, but click until that moisture burns off.

          I know it's different equipment, but my Viking does this and other Viking owners have mentioned it here, as well. Thought I'd mention it just in case your solution turns out to be a simpler one. Sorry to hear about your service problems. It's upsetting, I know.

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          1. re: Normandie

            The Bluestar has open burners- what you're talking about sounds like the caps that lift off on sealed burners.

            1. re: ted

              Yes, that's right, ted. As I said, I know nothing about Blue Star, so thank you for explaining the difference.

              1. re: Normandie

                My contractor told me the burner might get moisture when the problem was happened. We checked the igniter and burner and believe there is nothing wrong with the burner or igniter.
                Thank you for everyone's inputs and My husband will work on TIPo's suggestion tomorrow. I will come back and post.
                Actually besides the clicking problem and the tech support of BS, we like the cooktop. It looks nice and professional, and most important, it does good cook. My dishs cook and taste much better than my old one (GE). I am a picky person and spend lots of time for after cook cleaning. It's very easy to clean the open burners.

                1. re: Lynn T

                  Following up as promised. My gas tech guys were here, and as to the ignitor module, their reaction was that they don't fail often, and there are many different models out there, used by the various manufacturers, so the bottom line is they don't try to keep them in stock on the truck. But these are standard items so with the part number they can get just about anything in a day or two and installation is pretty simple. Or you can get whichever one you need and they can come out to put it in.

                  1. re: johnb

                    We could not find any problem for the ignitor. As TIPo mentioned, we might need to replace the electronic module because the flame from the simmer burner is normal, not too low to keep the ignitor clicking. Is a local gas guy could do the replacement? I am living in San Jose, CA, and BS is not popular (at least not in my surronding area).

                  2. re: Lynn T

                    One thing you mentioned caught my eye- "spend lots of time for after cook cleaning"

                    Keep in mind that the ceramic on the igniter electrodes is fragile. Being overzealous in your cleaning regimen and pushing/bumping them is a surefire way to crack the ceramic and cause problems.

                    1. re: ted

                      This is true; personally, I would suggest never cleaning below the tippy top of the grates for just this reason, but then I'm the anti-neat freak to start with. Nice thing about BlueStar is that, over time, if you skip cleaning them that grease and all those spills just sort of devolve into a nice patina on those big cast iron grates. But that's the anti-neat freak talking, so take it FWIW.

                      However, in any case I'm not sure a cracked igniter would explain the symptom.

            2. Lynn T

              I just checked in to see if you solved the problem. I re-read your original post and realized that there was another possibility.

              If the continuous clicking occurs while the flame is all the way on low, then one of my two my original suggestions should work. If the clicking continues while the flame is higher, then you will probably need to replace the electronic module. If your cooktop is less than a year old, the module will be covered under warranty.

              The module swap is a pain as it is in a compartment behind the control knobs which is accessed from the inside. Disassembly required and care must be taken to keep the eight or ten wires that need to be switched to the new module in order.

              Being a cabinetmaker, to me tools are everything. The BlueStar is one tool in the kitchen that that even now makes me grin when I use it. Power? 30 seconds after throwing a pound of pasta into 4 quarts of water and the water starts to boil again. Even heat across a 12" skillet. The 22K BTU burners can simmer nicely but if you want to hold a sauce or a pot of mash potatoes, the back simmer burner does it with no little scorched spot in the middle. Wish all my other tools worked this well.

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              1. re: TIPo

                Hi TIPo,

                Unfortunately, we did not solve the problem after two hours effort. You mentioned "If the clicking continues while the flame is higher, then you will probably need to replace the electronic module." The flame looks normal to the simmer burner, not low. So we might need to replace the electronic module!! Though we use the cooktop less than 6 months, but I purchased over one year. It's for a new house. The warranty might be expired.
                Do you know where I could find more details on the electronic module? Is this problem happened for BS often? It's sad that you spent lots money to get a primier cooktop, but it has major problem in less one year.
                I might need to check BS customer service again to see how they explain the problem and how I could fix it.

              2. Lynn T

                To bad the easy fixes didn't work. Call BlueStar customer service, 800-449-8691. Remember that they are trying to trouble shoot your problem over the phone. Their diagnosis will only be as good as the information you can convey to them. Be very specific. Does it click when the flame is low or high. Tell them what you have tried, and what hasn't worked. Ask them to read this thread on Chow.

                It sounds to me that you are out of warranty. Explain to them that it was not installed at the purchase date. Tell them how long it had been in actual service before it started to malfunction. They may cover the part but not the labor. If they won't, ask for a price break on the parts. Can't hurt to ask.

                If you need someone to install it, ask for a referral for someone in your area. Ask for someone who is familiar with BlueStar. Just curious, what area are you located? Is your unit a drop-it cooktop or the range style?

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                1. re: TIPo


                  As I know there is one BS dealer around, which is about 50 minutes drive. Mine is drop-it cooktop 4 burners with a griddle. I talked to my dealer on this and he is very helpful and contacts BS service dept. for me. Now I was told that BS will sign me up for a service call on Wednesday, but yet got any call.
                  Good news is that according to the dealer, the warranty is started after the istallation, so I am fine with the warranty. I will post if I receive the service call from BS.
                  BTW, I purchased the cooktop from Eurostove, and the sales - Trevor is very nice and helpful.

                  1. re: TIPo

                    BlueStar placed a service call to have someone fix my cooktop yesterday. You are right, it's the electronic module problem. According to the repair person, the electronic module is made by third party (they also are used in other brands). He has experienced several service calls like this. The good news is that the manufacturer of the electronic module tries to fix the problem and has an upgraded module now. So far the upgraded version has no problem.
                    Just for the BlueStar users information, the repair person told me that his store sells lots of brand name stove and cooktop, and after all he will purchase BlueStar if he has the budget.