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wanna be a carnivorous barfly in New Orleans...

can anyone suggest a bar that serves up some tasty dishes where a lady (well, I guess that depends on who you are askin') could sit at the bar, chat up some of the bartenders and have a nice little meat (or seafood) based feast? It's my fave thing to do in a new city and this will be my first time in new orleans, so any suggestions would be very welcome!

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  1. Coquette has great bar and great food

    1. One Restaurant and Lounge, Clancy's, Emeril's, Mr. B's, Luke, Domenica, Rambla, Rio Mar, La Boca, Cochon

      1. The food at Molly's on the Market was uncommonly good the last time I was there; the gumbo was superb. The bartenders and the other patrons were very friendly too.

        1. Yeah, I like Coquette for this too.

          1. Are you talking about a restaurant that has a bar, or a bar that serves food? The recs I'm seeing are extremely varied, and I believe knowing which would help us narrow it down for you. Coquette is a fine dining restaurant, Molly's is a bar with food.

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              so true...when I was younger, it was a bar that served food. then as my tastes matured, it became a restaurant w/a bar where I could belly up for some good nosh and drinks.

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                either or is good...but I want to sit at a bar, preferably with reasonable bar seats and where I won't look weird eating a meal..

              2. I think that the bar at GW Fins might serve you well. You should also not be bothered by conventioneers pestering you, while you enjoy your meal.



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                  ha! I will be a conventioneer and I intend to bother others..


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                    we know no strangers in NOLA! cheers!

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                      Ah, then you might be alone at GW Fins... [Grin]

                      Now, their "thing" is seafood, and I do not recall ever having meat there, though I might have had pork. All meals have been very good.

                      RE: the pure carnivore thing, some years back we did the NOW&FE event there. The vintner was Joel Peterson, then owner (now part of some corp - I forget), winemaker at Ravenswood, known for their Zinfandels. They only did one white, a Sonoma Chard. Joel even commented that he'd been paired with a seafood restaurant, and cited another winemaker, who only did whites, who was paired with a steakhouse.

                      If you want serious red meat at your bar outing, my rec. is not the best - sorry.



                  2. Clancy's is my favorite for that line-of-country.

                    1. Can't go wrong with this...

                      Avenue Pub
                      1732 St Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130

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                        thanks for all the ideas! Looking so forward to seeing the city..I may even attend some conference workshops if I have time between meals!

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                          Rib Room, Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse, Mr. B's, New Orleans Winery, Acme. Trust me, I'm a barfly before I'm a foodie ......

                      2. I have no recs to make, but I do love your post. Bravo on a great title. I've been thinking about planning a trip to NOLA and your post really voiced what I would hope to find also. I'll be sure and check back if I ever schedule a trip. Please report back on your experiences. Have fun!

                        1. Well it's definitely more of a restaurant, but you can eat anything on Luke's menu at the bar without it being weird. They have a great burger among other meat choices, so you definitely can't go wrong in terms of food.

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                            love a great burger...I had Port of Call in line for that, but perhaps this is a better option

                          2. This has been brought up before, so perhaps the way to clarify is to ask if you are looking for something more casual and, well...bar-like, or if you would like a little more upscale. New Orleans has loads of both. Most (though not all) of the recommendations you have here are for some of our "finer" restaurants, which almost all have great adjoining bars, but are not bars, per se. Also, I would assume, being a conventioneer, you will be without your own transportation and might be wanting to stay in the downtown area? Is this correct? The last issue is style of food, as there are many suitable bars with burgers, the eponymous cheese fries and the like...but if you want something more regional/local food based, that would also effect your options. In general though, it's going to be hard for you to walk much more than a block without finding some comfortable place that you can pull up a chair and dive in. And if seafood means you like raw oysters, then you are coming at the right time and your options just got even wider. I am sure if you fleshed out your fantasy with a little more detail, the good folks here will be able to point you in the right direction.

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                              hmmm..if I flesh out my fantasy with a little more detail, the post may be pulled from chowhounds!! :) (I blame it on the tv show "true blood" which has caused those of living in canada to believe that everyone in and around NOLA is a sexy vampire..but I digress..) I am aiming for a casual restaurant with interesting food vs. a full on bar (that said, some bars have great food!) but prefer a comfortable restaurant with a place to eat at the bar..still haven't gotten over the weirdness of sitting alone at a restaurant table (I know it's lame..) Had one of my all time fave meals in boston by posting a similar question last time I visited there...thank you all for the many and varied suggestions, I will bookmark them all and try as many as I can (damn conference getting in the way of my eatin')

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                                "I blame it on the tv show "true blood" which has caused those of living in canada to believe that everyone in and around NOLA is a sexy vampire"

                                Well, as a poor boy (not a po-boy) from Mississippi, I have to say that - they ARE! I was charmed, almost against my will, but a lovely NOLA lady. After only six short years, I was done on my knee, begging this lady to marry me. Vampire, or not, she had (and has for 39 years) me wrapped around her little finger.

                                Now, where were we on CH?

                                As for the seating, I have to say that I have no issues. Often my wife (that NOLA vampire) is in meetings and at events, while we're out of town. I usually request a seating for one, and never think of it again. Of course, I'm a "guy," so things are possibly different. Still, after about 3x at one spot in DC, when I was able to bring my wife, the entire staff, from the chef to the sommelier, came forward to finally great my wife, as she dined with me. Maybe they were doubting that I was married to a charming and lovely NOLA vampire?

                                When we visit NOLA, the same is often true - she's in board meetings, or similar, and I am dining alone. Other than attractive young ladies hitting on me, the dining scene is fine (in my dreams?), with not one spot treating me as a second-class citizen. This has been true for the bar, or a table.

                                NOLA is a city, where it's about dining. The doors are open for the visitor, or for the local. Sometimes, the diner will have a group, and sometimes they'll be alone. IN NOLA no one looks at the diner, either way.

                                "but prefer a comfortable restaurant with a place to eat at the bar..still haven't gotten over the weirdness of sitting alone at a restaurant table "

                                Do not let the seating dictate to you. Go for the comfortable seating and the ultimate food. That is important. This is NOLA, and unlike any other city in the US and 99% of the rest of the world. Just relax and enjoy.

                                Do not let business get in the way of dining. I do not, at least not every night. You need some time to kick back and enjoy. You deserve it.

                                Trust me, no one in NOLA will even notice you dining at a table as a solo. It happens all the time. Matter of fact, the restaurant might even give you "perks," since they will know that you are there for the food, and they will appreciate it.