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Oct 20, 2009 04:37 PM

Papa's and Beer-Asheville

I understand there are two locations one on Brevard and another on Tunnel Rd
Any diferrance between the two?

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  1. Yes--the Brevard Road location is better.

    1. Go to the one on Brevard Rd, as it was there first and has everything down pat. Great food and great beer prices. Be prepared to wait on a weekend.

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        I agree about the Brevard Road store being the one to go to, but have to clarify that it was actually the second location. The first one was in Hendersonville and was started by the same people who now run the Tunnel Road store. So there are three locations, all told.

        Does anyone other than me think the decor in the new Tunnel Road store is just horrible? I can hardly stand to be in there.

          1. re: Jeff C.

            yes, sorry. I was just talking about the two in Asheville that the OP mentioned. The Brevard Rd one was there first and the Tunnel Rd location followed.

      2. I am staying a 1/4 mile from the Tunnel Rd location. Same Menu ,Drinks, Prices?

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          Trust me. Go to the other one on Brevard Road. If you need directions, I'm sure someone will be glad to give them to you.

          I work only a bit further from the Tunnel Road location than you are staying and I regularly am at the Brevard Road location for lunch. It's just that much better.

        2. The Brevard Road location is DEFINITELY better! In fact, we just got takeout there tonight, as we do at least twice a week. (They all know my husband there. When you go, just tell them you're part of JR's family, and they'll be really nice to you!) The Tunnel Road location is not BAD, in fact it's pretty good, but there's something different about the Brevard Road location that's just better.

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            LISTEN to these smart people: Make the (short) drive to Brevard Road. (Just trust us.)

          2. Despite eveybody's rec's We went to the one on a tunnel rd. Just about a two min drive from the cabin we are staying at. It was packed, long wait and the food was great cal-mex . Just excellant cheap eats
            Also really friendly people
            We have reservations at the Admiral for Saturday and Corner Kitchen on Sunday
            I think we will try Early Girl and Stoney Knob