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Oct 20, 2009 04:30 PM

Decaffinated Tea

Due to her sickness my girlfriend cannot drink anymore tea with caffeine.
She tried some decaffinated tea from Superstore but it is not very tasteful.
We are looking for tea that comes close to normal tea.
Any suggestions?

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  1. Tetley orange pekoe (round bags) comes in decaf and I think it tastes really good, almost identical to the regular.

    1. I think you're in Calgary? If so, Steeps has a great selection and my favourite tea place for selection is Banff Tea Co.

      1. I find decaf black tea (or coffee) doesn't taste as good as the natural stuff. If I'm looking for a hot beverage that's caffeine-free I go for herbal teas, they naturally don't have caffeine, and they taste how they taste. Green tea, chamomile, rose hip. ginger, peppermint, ginseng tea for example, there are a lot more proprietary blends. I like some better than others, but I'm sure something will suit your girlfriend.

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          Just a heads up that green tea isn't naturally decaff.

        2. Due to kidney stones, I've had to switch to rooibos tea because it doesn't have oxalates. It also is caffeine free. I don't like the flavour on its own so have scouted out blends:
          • I really like the Earl Grey Rooibos and Blueberry Blitz from Oolong Teas in Kensington
          • I love Yogi Tea's Redbush Chai (used to get it at Shoppers but no there anymore—someone suggested looking at Community Health Foods/Planet Organic or Amaranth).
          • Also have to put it a nod to Design a Tea (; their Plum Lov'en (plum and vanilla) blend is amazing as is the Red Chai and Cranberry but you can get any blend you like from their 42-flavour selection. Bryan will also send you out a free sample to try before you buy and their customer service is A+.

          1. I bought Yogi green tea at Planet Organic (in Varsity if there is more than one) but didn't notice what others they had.

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              Tazo makes a decent decaf chai and I second the Yogi Redbush chai, that mixed with a decaf black tea with milk & sugar is quite yummy.
              Stash makes an acceptable decaf earl grey.
              watch for green or white, these are NOT decaf, they are lower in caffeine than black, but not free of it (this includes Matcha)

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                The Tazo passion tea is great. I think it needs a little splash of honey though...
                Also, good served cold.

                In YYC I know there is a decent little (very little, actually) tea store in Eau Claire. I'm not sure of the name, but it's easy to find. Staff is very helpful.