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Oct 20, 2009 03:23 PM


With the apparent closing of Tam Tam's on Cedar Street (according to their website), are there any Ethiopian/African restaurants (I prefer Ethiopian-specific dishes, though Tam Tam's was a pan-African restaurant) that you all like here around this part of town of Cedar/Riverside (which I know to be dense in an African population), or, barring that, in the city of Minneapolis as a whole?

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    1. Specifically in Cedar-Riverside I like the place next to the Red Sea. I don't remember what it is called, but it has very good doro wat and lamb tibs.

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        Went to the Blue Nile the other evening and was pretty disappointed. The place is looking worn and dirty; the tablecloths are plastic and were still sticky even after I had the waitperson re-clean it. We ordered the vegetarian combination and a beef wot; there was only one veggie item that hds any flavor at all - the rest was totally bland. The wot was fairly decent, but the meat was not very tender.

        I wouldn't recommend for anyone to go there.

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          Kilimanjaro. I had a great experience there with wonderful dishes. I think this is next to the Red Sea.

          Red Sea
          320 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55454

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            Some very good reviews have been posted here of Flamingo- it's East African, has injera, not sure if it's officially 'Ethiopian'... but close...

            and look, they even have a website with a menu!


            490 N Syndicate St, St Paul, MN 55104