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Oct 20, 2009 02:58 PM

Jack in the Box has the best pumpkin shakes

I say this after having just inhaled 2 large pumpkin pie shakes for lunch.

Tell me why I'm wrong and where I should go to confirm the error of my ways ...

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  1. Try Culvers pumpkin won't go back to the Box! Delish!!!

    1. Indeed, JITB pumpkin shakes are "da bomb"

      And when the pumpkin shake arrives, it means the eggnog shake is not far behind.


      1. I tried one of these today and what a waste of nearly $3.00. Zero pumpkin flavor, and only a hint of cinnamon. Don't waste your $$.

        1. It depends on location.

          Some add too much pumpkin flavor and others too little.

          The place I had it this year was pretty much as mdepsmom described ... zilch pumpkin flavor.

          Still, it was a nice shake ... thick with nice whipped cream on top that I enjoy mixing into the shake. All that and a cherry on top