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Oct 20, 2009 01:09 PM

House of Basturma in Pasadena

Has anyone been to the new House of Basturma to check it out? No one's answering the phone at the moment.

House of Basturma
2487 E Washington Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91104-2047
(626) 345-9090

condiment's tip for Sahag's new venture

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  1. oh, yeah, just reminded me of that.

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    1. re: kevin

      J Gold said he hasn't found it open, so he hasn't checked it out yet. I was hoping the 'hounds might have more luck.

    2. I walk my dog by there 3 times a week and it has never been open.

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      1. re: haydn1796

        Not promising. Is the address correct? I ask because I'm finding neither the name of the establishment nor the address in the City of Pasadena food inspection database. It's not unusual for places to be listed under a different name or dba, but then you can find them by matching the street address. Maybe it doesn't have a permit yet?

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          I will check, but there cannot be two of them. Corner of Valencia and Washington, one block west of Altadena Dr. It has never opened since the old auto mechanic's place was razed (sp?) and this stucco monstrosity was erected. I will look at it more closely in the morning.

          1. re: haydn1796

            I was incorrect. This place was open, for at least 2 or three weeks about a year ago. This morning I peeked through the window doors and it looks abandonded. Empty shelves, a ladder and the menu board. I wonder what happened?

            1. re: haydn1796

              Still a mystery, but thanks so much for taking a closer look. I hope the owner's OK. The phone number in my original post isn't disconnected. It rolls over to an answering machine that doesn't have a personalized outgoing message. I considered leaving a message and asking for a callback on ordering some basturma, but since I have a 415 area code, might not be as likely to get a return call. Maybe someone local can try to make a connection.

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